Cancelled Star Wars: Battlefront 3 New Pre-Alpha Gameplay Footage Leaked

There is a long list of highly anticipated, tip-top video games that never made it to the final stage and were stamped out during the development process after their official reveal. Some were not even properly introduced to gamers before being canned, such as Star Wars: Battlefront 3, an action video game that was supposed to be the third main installment in EA’s famous first/third-person shooter franchise. Unfortunately, it was dropped by its publisher, LucasArts, even before its proper official reveal. Nevertheless, one can always enjoy some good, leaked gameplay footage, so check out what Star Wars: Battlefront 3 could have looked like in the leaked videos shared below.

Free Radical's Canned Star Wars: Battlefront 3's Leaked Pre-Alpha Gameplay Videos Show Ground and Vehicle-Centric Combat

Free Radical Design, which was later bought and rebranded as Crytek UK——now officially known as Deep Silver’s Dumbuster Studios——was a video game developer that was responsible for the third and fourth titles in the Battlefront series. The developer apparently started working on Star Wars: Battlefront 3 way back in 2006. Just a couple of years later, however, LucasArts——the publisher of the game at the time——effectively stopped the development process for the game as it could not commit to spending big bucks on the project. Since then, the game is only discussed among other cancelled titles.

Star Wars: Battlefront 3’s place has now been taken by Star Wars: Battlefront, an upcoming action video game that is being developed by DICE and is the successor to Battlefront 2. However, the new game will be a reboot of the franchise rather than a sequel. Star Wars: Battlefront 3, sadly, is limited to its gameplay videos that hardly emerge on the Internet now. Luckily, 30 minutes of the game’s pre-alpha gameplay footage were leaked on the Internet today. The footage shows both land- and vehicle-centric combat that players would have enjoyed had the game actually seen the light of day.

This is not the first gameplay footage of Star Wars: Battlefront 3 that has emerged on the Internet, but LucasArts has been diligently removing all the game’s leaked media content, so go ahead and have a look at these videos before the publisher takes them down, too.

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