Time to Spring Clean with Dreame! Discount Goes Live on Vacuum-n-Mops and Cordless Stick Vacuums


Dreame is running a much-needed Spring Clean campaign offering discounts on selected products to help you spring into cleaning action. Whether you need a robot vacuum cleaner that can also mop on its own or need a more traditional stick vacuum, Dreame has it all!

Three of the products that are getting a flat 15% discount with code SPRINGCLEAN15 include:

Dreame Bot L10 Pro robot vacuum n mop ($416.49)

With a 570mL dust cup capacity and 4000pa suction power, L10 Pro is already ahead of the curve compared to its competitors in a similar price range. Dreame L10 Pro then goes on to add a 270mL electric controlled water tank and reduces noise at 65db(A) with a five-layer noise reduction system, making it one of the most useful robovacs on the market that can give you more uses before you need to empty/fill the tanks.

Overwhelmed by the work-from-home situation or worried about the summer vacations? Get yourself L10 Pro, and you will have removed so much hassle from your life. The smart vacuum and mop from Dreame is a reliable helper for the basic daily cleaning that can do both vacuuming and mopping without any input from you.

Emptying your floor is not a must!

L10 Pro rebuilds a 3D environment in its brains with two lasers. Most household obstacles, such as slippers and dustbins, are avoided earlier now. Putting stuff away before cleanup is no longer a must.

Retailing for $489.99, Dreame is now offering a 15% discount on its LiDar L10 Pro vacuum and mop. Head over to the official store to read more about the product and to get your hands on one. Use code SPRINGCLEAN15 to bring the price down.

Dreame Bot Cordless Stick Vacuums also get a 15% discount

Dreame Tech is also offering discounts on its cordless stick vacuums if you need something to deep clean your home, furniture, or car. Dreame P10 cordless stick vacuum comes in a small package with a lightweight design. Now available for just $195.49, P10 features Dreame's 100,000 RPM Space Air Brushless Motor that delivers fade-free and powerful cleaning performance.

A colored display system keeps you updated with all the relevant information. Add in the SmartCooling system, and you have a product that doesn't overheat, safeguarding the optimal operation of the motor and the battery packs.

Its filtration system captures 99.89% of microparticles as small as 0.3μm for a clean home environment. Need to get into the nooks and crevices that seem to be the cozy spots for germs? Dreame P10 will be your best bud with its multi-functional accessories to meet varying cleaning needs.

Check out more details and get yourself a sweet little spring discount with code SPRINGCLEAN15. At its current price, Dreame P10 cordless stick vacuum is a must-buy!

Need more options? Dreame is here to please! The company is also discounting its T10 cordless vacuum for a limited time during its Spring Clean Campaign. Retailing for $299.99, you can now get it for $254.99. It comes with an extension rod, a crevice brush, a roller brush, a mini motorized brush, and a 2-in-1 brush for additional needs.

Read more about Dreame T10 over at this official product page and get yourself a discount with code SPRINGCLEAN15.

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