Sony to Talk About Morpheus VR at GDC 2015 Tuesday at 3pm PT

By Archie Paras  / 

Sony unveiled Project Morpheus, at last year’s GDC, Since then Oculus VR has released a new development kit, we have seen the release of Gear VR and the recent announcement of the Valve/HTC Vive headset. Today Sony is holding a press event regarding the status of Morpheus VR.

Sony’s Project Morpheus could prove to be even better than the Oculus

Sony’s Morpheus, falls in the same class as Oculus Rift, and could be even better in some respects. Sony is keeping tight-lipped regarding the event’s details, but information on pricing and release date can be expected, as well as an official name for the product. Some game announcements with support for the unit, could also help to persuade the public on the appeal of the product.

We could expect some possible upgrades in the unit’s specs, given how quickly LCD display and head-tracking is advancing.

The specs of the Valve/HTC Vive are as follows:

The Vive looks quite unique, and features over 70 sensors, allowing for full 3D room tracking. HTC calls it “Full Room Scale 360 Degree Solution with Tracked Controllers.” It is possible for the Vive to explore objects from all angles and look up and down. It appears to be a standalone headset for the PC, and HTC touts high quality graphics, 90-frames-per-second video, and incredible audio fidelity. It uses two1200x1080 displays, one for each eye. HTC will also be producing wireless VR controllers along with the headset. HTC reported that it was partnering with Google, HBO, and others to make content for the device.

We will bring you any additional information regarding Project Morpheus and Sony, as well as any new many other news from GDC.






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