Some Apple Watch Series 3 Models Suffering From ‘Display Edge Stripes’ Issue


The Apple Watch Series 3 was launched alongside the iPhone 8 and its bigger 'Plus' sized variant. To be precise, there were two models of the Apple Watch Series 3, one that comes with cellular connectivity and one without it. Today, Apple has identified an issue with the Apple Watch Series 3 which is affecting some models. The issue indicates various stripe markings on the side of the wearable's display. Apple has also informed its retail and authorized third-party repair staff of the issue, which is affecting some Apple Watch Series 3 models. So let's dive in to see some more details on the matter.

Apple Watch Series 3 Experiencing Display Edge Stripes Issue

While the issue does not seem to be widespread judging on the basis of online reports. The issue is prominent when you turn the display of the Apple Watch off. In addition to this, Apple does not list the Apple Watch Series 3 with GPS as the model with display edge stripe issue This is because the issue could have been potentially avoided due to a different display configuration as the GPS variant of the Apple Watch Series features built-in antenna.

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To inspect the device, Apple staff will ask customers to rub their finger along the side of the Apple Watch display when it is turned off. This will allow for any smearing to appear and the edge stripes will be visible. However, if this procedure doesn't work, the retail staff members will further ask the customer to breathe on the display which will in turn pile up humidity on the display. Upon inspecting again, the display edge stripes would appear, if there are any. So if you think your Apple Watch Series 3 is suffering from the issue or are not sure about it, you can check so with the same procedure.

Display Edge Stripe

If your Apple Watch Series does feature the display edge stripe issue, the replacement or repair will be covered under the wearable's one-year hardware warranty. However, for out of warranty Apple Watch Series 3 models, unfortunately, Apple does not yet have any policy to replace the device. According to 9to5mac, the staff said that Apple is not yet performing any repairs of the device and instead offering a complete replacement. So if your Apple Watch Series 3 is experiencing the issue, you can easily replace it from your local Apple Store.

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News Source: 9to5mac