Microsoft Is Planning “Small Adjustments” for Xbox One Dashboard Now


The corporate vice president of Xbox, Mike Ybarra, talked about the expectations that players must have before the next changes of the Xbox One dashboard, noting that future updates will only make "small adjustments."

The information came on Twitter when Ybarra replied to a fan who, in the future, should expect "small adjustments" to the Xbox One dashboard instead of "big changes."

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Before entering into any panic situation, we must remember that this is very common during the last stage of the year. Before the arrival of the next holiday season, Microsoft is preferring to launch small updates or it will not launch any updates. The reason is that new players will join the online system later this year and making significant changes in it could create confusion.

However, before this happens, Microsoft will release the new Xbox One interface design that is now available to some Insider members. Among the elements that stand out from the new user interface is that, although it presents a very similar aesthetic, its presentation changes much the way in which it works.

For example, the Home screen will present you a fast path so you can start the last game or application you used, as well as 2 suggestions, and several offers that may interest you.

Just below that section is My Games and Apps, where, as its name implies, you will find all your games and applications. In addition to highlighting the latest games you've enjoyed, it will also include links that will take you to the Games With Gold section.

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The update will seek to improve the speed and customization of the Xbox One dashboard. For now, there is no precise release date, but it is expected to be available before the end of this year.

In a recent news, an upcoming Xbox One update introduced “Microsoft Fluent Design”; focus on speed, customization & expression for insiders.