Silicon Power Has Announced the A62 Game Drive HDD


For easily transportable data storage, the A62 Game Drive HDD. Silicon Power has announced the A62 Game Drive HDD. This drive has a storage capacity of either one terabyte or two terabytes. This drive features an IPX4 water-resistance, a 122 cm shockproof, and is created using both rubber and plastic to provide the resistance.

A62 Game Drive HDD comes in two models a one terabyte model and a two terabyte model and comes with a shock-resistance, as well as IPX4 water-resistance. This drive is stated to survive up to a 122 cm fall.

The A62 Game Drive HDD design comes in black and blue color scheme with a blue rubber band that effortlessly holds the USB cord. The easy connection to you either your console or PC with the USB cord. This drive has a slim body and a texturized surface that results in a device that is easy to handle and carry. On the drive, there is a LED light that indicated data transfer activity and power status. The A62 drive measures 131.7 mm by 14.9 mm by 86.5 mm, making this drive easily able to be stored inside a backpack with ease. This drive weighs just 180 grams for the one terabyte version, and the two terabyte version weighs only 282 grams.

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Source: Silicon Power

The A62 Game Drive HDD meets US military MIL-STD 810G 516.7 Procedure IV anti-collision standard, and this includes a drop test of up to a height of 122 cm. As well as the shock-resistance for up to 122 cm, this drive features an IPX4 water-resistance that provides protection against any water splashing from any direction. The texturized surface also helps the drive offer some scratch and fingerprint resistance. The A62 Game Drive HDD can operate in temperatures as low as 5°C and has hot as 55°C. For the storing temperature, this drive can be stored at the range of -40°C to 70°C.

The A62 Game Drive HDD features a super-speed data transfer with a USB 3.2 Gen 1 interface, and this drive has a transfer speed of up to 5 GB per second. This drive also features support SP Widget software, and this software provides seven major back-up and security functions.