Samsung Reportedly Working With Verizon on a 5G-Ready Device Codenamed ‘Bolt’ – Is This a New Galaxy S10 Version?

Galaxy S10

A lot is already known about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S10 series, thanks to the rumors flying around but since rumors aren’t always reliable, the folks at XDA Developers have scoured through the latest One UI beta firmware on the Galaxy Note 9 to find more about the Galaxy S10. The analysis, which was made possible because of the JEB Decompiler, helped them unearth a lot of useful information that corroborates earlier reports.

The Firmware Mentions a 5G-Ready, Verizon-Locked Phone - Could It Be the Samsung Galaxy S10?

Perhaps the most important discovery is that of a new device codenamed ‘boltq5gvzw’, which is apparently a 5G-ready smartphone meant for Verizon networks in the U.S. It remains to be seen how this device would be different from the alleged non-5G Galaxy S10 Plus. Furthermore, the codename BeyondX was also spotted, but it wasn’t accompanied by the term ‘5G’ so it is unclear if this variant of the Galaxy S10 would be 5G-capable, although some reports do claim that it will indeed be 5G-ready. The BeyondX device is not expected to make a debut until spring, unlike the rest of the Galaxy S10 variants.

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Another thing that was discovered is that the Galaxy S10 might come in the colors black, white, gold, silver, green, blue, pink gold, baby blue, and baby pink. The presence of some of these colors was also hinted by the website MobileFun. The code also mentions a Time of Flight (ToF) camera, but we might only see it on the BeyondX device. The APK teardown also revealed the presence of the Exynos 9820 and the Snapdragon 855.

The former is expected to underpin the phones meant for the European and Asian markets, while the latter will fuel the models made for the U.S., parts of Latin America, Hong Kong, and Canada. The code snippets also show that that the devices must be powered by either of these two processors to be able to use Samsung’s version of Face ID.

Additionally, the XDA Developers team also shared some animations that show the size and shape of the display cutouts that the Galaxy S10 variants would have. It appears that the Galaxy S10 Lite and Galaxy S10 will have a smaller, circular, display cutout, while the Galaxy S10 Plus will have a slightly bigger cutout to accommodate the two selfie cameras.

There is definitely a lot more to know about the upcoming Galaxy S10 and we’ll continue to update you in the future.

News Source: XDA Developers

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