Samsung to reveal Odyssey Neo G8: The world’s first 4K 240Hz Quantum MiniLED gaming display

Samsung Electronics is set to disclose their newest Odyssey Neo G8 32" 4K resolution gaming display, measuring at 3,840 x 2,160 pixels—with a 240Hz refresh rate, curved design at 1000R curvature, and utilizing Quantum MiniLED technology. The company will reveal the new gaming monitor at this year's CES 2022.

Samsung produces 4K 240Hz gaming display, the Odyssey Neo G8, a first for Quantum MiniLED display technology

Samsung previously released the Odyssey Neo G9 that used the same Quantum MiniLED design. The company's newest display technology sets to minimize the number of existing LEDs used to 1/40 as a source of light, supporting their Quantum Matrix image quality control and boasting a max brightness of 2,000 nits. The Odyssey Neo G8 is also utilizing Samsung's Quantum HDR 2000 technology.

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Samsung to reveal Odyssey Neo G8: The world’s first 4K 240Hz Quantum MiniLED gaming display

The newest Odyssey Neo G8 gaming display to be revealed by Samsung this week has a screen brightness controlled in 4,096 steps, or 12 bits, achieving perfect black detail, increased picture quality, and the industry's highest fixed contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1.

  • HDMI 2.1 x 2
  • DisplayPort 1.4 x 1
  • ‘CoreSync’ function that automatically recognizes the color of the screen and matches the backlighting and color of the product
  • Connects IT devices such as game consoles to the monitor or power It is equipped with many convenient gaming-related functions, such as ‘Auto Source Switch+’, which automatically recognizes and switches to the screen of the device when it is turned on.
Samsung Electronics Smart Monitor M8, concept meets functionality

Samsung Electronics is also planning to introduce the 2022 UHD smart monitor M8 with 32-inch screen size, featuring user-friendly functionality with a slimmer design.


The company's Smart Monitor M8 is a next-gen concept display, utilizing various OTT services and document creation without the need to have a separate TV or PC connection by use of a smart hub. Samsung Electronics is expecting the new concept display to create a brand-new screen market for the company.

Samsung's Smart Monitor M8 offers a dedicated camera that is capable of being detached from the display by use of a magnetic base. It is planned to provide support for video apps, such as Google Duo, that will be installed as a standard, giving users the ability to work remotely and have teleconferencing convenience at home or at the user's office space.

Additionally, the smart display can be used as the main screen for home IoT construction through the mounting of Samsung's in-house IoT hub. With the use of the hub, users will be able to monitor the status of several IoT devices in the home directly through the smart display, offering users the ability to control appliances and lighting remotely through the company's SmartThings application while simultaneously viewing content.

Samsung's 2022 smart monitor model features a newer design than previous models, offering an extremely thin 11.4mm design (1/3 slimmer than previously). This allows for optimal space utilization, and a white color aesthetic to match with most spaces. This design, as well as the ability to adjust the screen with the height-adjustable stand, or HAS, gives users an added customization to adjust the monitor to fit their eye level for ease of display.

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Samsung Electronics High-resolution UHD S8 display, catering to graphic creators and designers

Finally, Samsung is set to unveil their newest high-resolution monitor, the UHD Monitor S8, for graphic designers and creators who work tirelessly for several hours on projects, while promoting exceptional eye health for users.


The UHD Monitor S8 comes in two sizes for consumers (27- and 32-inch models), and will be the world's first display certified as glare-free by Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Offering both premium picture quality and convenience of use, the newest UHD Monitor S8:

  • support for 98% color gamut based on DCI-P3
  • VESA DisplayHDR™ 600 certification (32-inch)
  • wired LAN support
  • 90W charging and USB Type-C application for data transmission at the same time

The new monitors introduced this time have been prepared by faithfully reflecting the diverse needs of consumers. I will go out.

Hyeseung Ha, Vice President of Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics

Samsung Electronics will launch its newest displays during the first half of 2022 globally, including Korean markets.

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