Samsung Steals the iPhone 11’s ‘Slofie’ Feature In Latest Android Update for Galaxy S10

Ali Salman
Slofies Galaxy S10

Apple proudly announced the new 'Slofie' feature with its latest iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro at its launch event. Now, it seems the industry is gearing up to follow the footsteps of the giant. Samsung is the first company to take the iPhone 11's Slofie feature and implement it in an Android update for the Galaxy S10. The latest Android 10 beta gains the ability to shoot slow-motion selfies using the front-facing camera. Scroll down to see more details on the matter.

Samsung Does An Apple - Introduces Slofies In Its Latest Android Beta Update for Galaxy S10

Slofies is the first time Apple has allowed to capture slo-mo recordings using the iPhone's front-facing camera. Now, it seems the South Korean tech giant does not want to be left behind. The feature is embedded in Samsung's latest Android 10 update. However, take note that the build is yet in the beta phase and has not been officially rolled out.

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The feature works the same way as you would expect - switch to the front camera, activate the slow-motion mode and done. According to SamMobile, there is no customization options part of the mix like adjusting frames as per user requirement. The iPhone captures Slofies at 120 frames per second and it too does not allow for any variations.

Our favorite phone maker has added a slow motion mode to the front camera with One UI 2.0 and Android 10. Like the slow motion mode for the rear camera, you don’t get any customization options for slow motion videos with the front camera. You just hit the record button and go crazy, although you can edit recorded slow motion videos and reduce their playback speed to make everything even slower.

In addition, the slow-motion selfies for the Galaxy S10 need some work and you will adhere to jitters every now and then. In Samsung's defense, the feature is still in its beta phase and the final outcome might be different or more polished. Check out the video below for more details on Samsung's Slofies feature for Galaxy S10.

There are a boatload of other additions and improvements in the update as well. As of now, we're not sure when the update would be officially released to the general public. Nonetheless, we will update you guys as soon as we hear more details on the matter.

There will be more to the story, so be sure to stick around. How well do you take Samsung's implementation of Slofies in the latest Android update for Galaxy S10? Let us know in the comments section below.

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