Samsung Reveals 2023 OLED, Micro LED, & Neo QLED TVs Lineup With 8K & Smart EDGE Tech

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Samsung announced the company's new TV lineup, featuring brand new Micro LED, Neo QLED panels with up to 8K resolution. For the company, this year is about integrating intelligent devices within their TV lines and providing a better user experience with preinstalling features to enhance the viewing experience and allow for better control of IoT devices throughout the home.

Samsung unveils new NEO LED, Micro LED, and new OLED TVs For 2023, with up to 8K image quality & Smart EDGE technology

The company plans to take its vast portfolio of devices and utilize "multi-device integration" with the help of its proprietary SmartThings innovative smart-home platform. Samsung also unveiled brand new gaming monitors as a part of its Neo Odyssey lineup, which can be seen here.

Samsung Reveals 2023 OLED, Micro LED, & Neo QLED TVs Lineup With 8K & Smart EDGE Tech 2

In 2023, we are pushing boundaries of innovation to offer consumers more than just premium picture quality, but a holistic, premium device experience tailored to what they need and want out of their connected home. With SmartThings, our advanced technology is seamless and intuitive, making life more sustainable, accessible and enjoyable everyday.

— Cheolgi Kim, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business, Samsung Electronics

The Neo QLED 4K and 8K televisions are premium TV displays featuring Samsung's Neural Quantum Processor, which supports 14-bit processing and AI upscaling. Samsung's Real Depth Enhancer Pro and Shape Adaptive Light Control bring images to life in a three-dimensional, lifelike picture. Utilizing the power of AI, the system in the company's Neo QLED television can analyze and apply HDR effects on SDR content in real-time, upscaling SDR content and immersing the viewer more into the scene.

SmartThings dongles have been removed and integrated into the televisions, automatically connecting to Thread and Zigbee devices for seamless integration. The company hopes to have consumers chat in group settings over their devices in real-time while watching the same content, allow users to have video calls on a larger screen by way of the new Neo QLED, and provide a three-dimensional "bird's eye view" of the user's environment so that they can see and control their devices seamlessly and without frustration.

The new MICRO LED series from Samsung for 2023 comes in several different model sizes, from 50 to 140 inches, delivering several options for users to receive the ultimate experience and picture quality. Bezels are removed from the screen, allowing for a boundaryless experience. The company's OLED lineup now features three new sizes, spanning between 55 to 77 inches, and features Quantum Dot technology.


Some features from the Neo QLED televisions can also be found in the new OLED lineup from the company, including Quantum Dot technology and Neural Quantum Processors for enhanced brightness and superior accurate color imagery. All Samsung OLED televisions start with a 144 Hz refresh rate and will include Samsung's proprietary Gaming Hub. AMD's FreeSync Premium Pro certification is added for supreme gaming experiences in their 2023 OLED TV series. Lastly, Samsung has added "Samsung TV Plus," an ad-supported viewing service including video on demand which will be able to deliver over 1800 channels worldwide, including fifty owned and operated channels. The service is entirely free and preinstalled on all Smart TVs.

Samsung Gaming Hub is also preinstalled on all Samsung Smart TVs with partner subscription services such as Amazon Luna, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Utomik, and Xbox. The company ensures users that storage limits will be limitless on all new Smart TVs, as everything will be stored via the cloud. And Samsung's newly announced QD-OLED displays are much brighter while consuming less power by twenty-five percent.

News Source: Samsung Electronics

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