Samsung Reportedly Has Plans To Unveil A ‘Hybrid’ Display At CES 2023 That Can Both Fold And Expand

Omar Sohail
Samsung foldable and expandable panel at CES 2023
Samsung's foldable panel that can folds twice / Source: Samsung Display

Plans to expand the foldable smartphone portfolio have always been Samsung’s intent, and according to one report, the company is expected to unveil a ‘hybrid’ display technology that has dual functionality. For instance, not only will the display be able to fold, but it will also possess the ability to slide or expand, thereby increasing its panel size almost seamlessly.

Samsung may only show its ‘hybrid’ display technology to a limit viewers at a private booth at CES 2023

With CES 2023 expected to kick off on January 5, ETNews reports that Samsung has an ace up its sleeve that could please the limited number of invitees who will step inside a private booth. Apparently, the Korean technology behemoth will demonstrate a display technology that has the ability to fold and slide.

Naturally, it will not be possible to witness the technology in action simultaneously, so it is likely that the invitees trying out the ‘hybrid’ display by themselves will either be able to fold or expand the panel. The report also states that the size of the panel is 8 inches when measured diagonally and completely folded and increases to 10 inches when it is unfolded.

Samsung’s slidable panel that can extend according to the user / Source: Samsung Display

Upon expanding, this technology can extend to 12.4 inches, effectively transforming into a tablet or laptop. Samsung could reach a new vertical with this product class, even though its foldable smartphone range has yet to reach the same success as regular-shaped handsets. Even so, this ‘hybrid’ technology leaves us with so many questions. For starters, how much would this cost the customer?

Given that it can both slide and fold, a ton of R&D must have been invested, meaning that it will not be surprising if a commercial device ends up selling for $2,000 or above in the U.S. It is also unclear which operating system will be used, but since the report mentions that the unnamed device will shrink to a display size of 8 inches, we feel that it would be a smartphone with a rather tall screen that touts an unusual aspect ratio.

As such, the product will likely be running Android ’out of the box,’ and though we cannot confirm the information at this time, we will update our readers soon, so stay tuned.

News Source: ETNews

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