Latest Ryujinx Version 1.0.5182 Packs New Audio Renderer, Greatly Improving Audio Quality in Games

Aernout van de Velde

The latest version of Nintendo Switch Emulator Ryujinx, version 1.0.5182, packs a whole new audio renderer that significantly improves audio quality.

The new version of Ryujinx now offers complete audio rendering support, and according to the team behind the project, the emulator has now become the first Switch emulator to implement the entirety of the Nintendo Switch audio renderer functions.

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Initial implementation of the Switch’s audio rendering functions were quite basic and resulted in inaccurate audio mixing and anomalies in various games, including Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey. With Ryujinx’s new audio renderer, named ‘Amadeus’, these anomalies and broken effects are now a thing of the past. Check out the difference between the old and new audio renderer in Super Mario Odyssey down below.

Old Switch Audio Renderer ('Audren')

New 'Amadeus' Audio Renderer in Ryujinx 1.05182

“The stark audio quality difference in these examples (largely heard as bad mixing & effects) underscores the extreme importance of good audio in an end user/viewer experience”, the Ryujinx team writes on its blog. “Imagine going to the movie theater to see the latest big box office hit and being met with a loud garbled audio track with unintelligible dialogue. After a few minutes, most of the audience would likely walk out demanding a refund.”

There are several other comparison videos on Ryujinx’s official blog. Be sure to check them out to hear the stunning difference in audio quality.

The latest version of the Ryujinx Nintendo Switch emulator can be downloaded here. For the sake of completeness, we’ve included the release notes for the latest version as well:

1.0.5182 - 2020-08-17


Implemented all Switch audio renderer functions (code name Amadeus).

  • Resolves myriad audio issues, including: garbled audio in nearly every game that uses audren, softlock in Splatoon 2, slowness in NVDEC videos on Unity titles, loud effects that should be soft, super slow sounding audio during full speed gameplay, etc.

Known issues:

  • Fire Emblem: Three Houses is missing voices in videos.
  • Games that utilize two simultaneous audio renderers will likely have issues until the audio out interface is rewritten; Crash Team Racing is the only known game to suffer from this.
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