Roccat Announces Kone Pure Owl-Eye and Khan AIMO in White

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Black products are a tradition with the German gaming peripherals manufacturer, with the Kone Pure Gaming Mouse being the first white Roccat product that was introduced back in 2013. Today ROCCAT offers various products in white giving different options for gamers' set-ups.

Roccat Expands Keyboard, Mouse and Keyboard Lineup To White Peripherals

Often requested from ROCCAT's customers, the Kone Pure Owl Eye and the Khan AIMO are perfect additions to the white collection the manufacturer already counts in its portfolio. Both products are perfect peripherals to display RGB lighting and boast the same technology of the other colour variants.

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With color co-ordinating becoming such a big part of PC gaming today, many users want a theme that works with their entire build. Unfortunately I do know that a lot of our readers are sick of RGB and color co-ordinated products, but they are very successful in the Global market outside the United States and this is a trend we will continue to see. That being said, lets move on to the product specifications.

Kone Pure Owl-Eye White Tech Specs:

Khan AIMO White Tech Specs:


ROCCAT announces New In-ear Headset Priced at $69.99


Pricing And Availability

The Khan AIMO white 7.1 High Resolution RGB Gaming Headset is now available for 119.99€.

The Kone Pure Owl-Eye white optical RGB Gaming Mouse is available at 69.99€.

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