ZOWIE Spawn TF Mouse Pad Review


I just finished reviewing the ZOWIE Hammer, a near remarkable gaming headset from this company which is new in town. Like I mentioned in that article, ZOWIE’s products revolve around gaming peripherals and accessories, one of which is the SpawN TF mouse pad.

A lot of people don’t really know the value a quality mouse pad can bring into your gaming. Of course an average user wouldn’t bother getting one of these (or any at all) but they are extremely important for series and professional gamers. In fact a mouse pad can provide that split second advantage in a lot of situations like when you are one on one with a AWPer.


The pad has a rather simple packaging, something what you can expect from most full sized mouse pads. One side had a large ZOWIE logo along with the Spawn TF logo on the bottom. Other sides list its unique features and a personal message from the pro-gamer SpawN.

Inside the box, you’ll find the pad rolled up like a burrito, only that this is much bigger in size. I was expecting an air tight plastic bag here given that the surface “100%” cloth which means it would easily attract dust.


There are actually two versions of the SpawN TF mouse pad – the SpawN G-TF and the SpawN P-TF. The only difference between the two is that the P version is slightly smaller than the G version which I have. The size is almost exclusive to the personal preference of the user though having a larger pad wouldn’t hurt. The G-TF is 440mm x 380mm x 4mm giving it a nice surface area made from carefully woven cloth material.

The front side of the pad has a red ZOWIE logo on the top right corner and a SpanwN logo on the bottom left. The entire surface is a black colored cloth, and thanks to ZOWIE’s special weave technology, it is faster than the traditional plastic pads. The only flip side I could think of here would be dust, but the surface is also water resistant, meaning that you can easily wash it off.

The mouse pad has a rubber base, which provides it a strong grip even on smooth surfaces like glass, so you won’t have to worry about your pad slipping when you move your mouse a bit too aggressively. The anti-fray, triple stitched rolled up edges prevent wearing from the sides of the pad, adding a couple of more months to its overall life. They’re also a lot more comfortable than cornered edges if you like to rest your forearms on the sides of the pad like me.


Mouse pads are most important for critical gaming environments, like fast paced first person shooters. And the best first person shooter game to try out SpawN TF would be Counter Strike. The reason I chose to only use Counter Strike is that I’ve had extensive experience playing this game, and I would most certainly be able to tell the difference between SpawN TF and my regular pad which happens to be nothing at all.

Right of the bat I could feel the difference as weapons were a lot more responsive and my aiming was a bit more accurate. Most notably, I was easily able to compensate for the recoil on the AK-47, something which doesn’t mean a lot to most normal gamers like me but could mean life and death for professionals. I had to lower my mouse’s resolution to 2000dpi because I wasn’t used to such rapid movement – then again I’m not a professional gamer as well.

The only drawback I came across while using SpawN was that the surface was too smooth, and so there was some unwanted movement. But that isn’t something which could be a deal breaker here because it could easily be controlled by lowering the mouse sensitivity a bit.


I would like to conclude this review by saying that the ZOWIE SpawN TF is a solid mouse pad and thanks to its unique cotton weave technology, it has easily raised the bar for the competition.

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