A monster hunter for hire. Medival time. A perfect combination.

First of all, hello. Now to tell you why I brought The Witcher and reviewd it. Well there were many reasons to why I brought the game for. First of all the coverart was just too catchy. Who doesnt like to buy a game which has a very nice wolf drawn on its front coverart. So thats the first reason. The second reason is that I saw its trailer and read about it on many sites including Gamespot and IGN. By reading previews there and seeing its screenshots and news, I finally decided that the game was worth the time and must be played to be seen if it was actually that great or not. The conclusion: lets wait till the end shall we.

Fun factor

The game present a large variety of stuff to do which counts as a Fun factor. There are literally hundreads of things you can do in The Witcher, which I shall explain in the gameplay. So rating the fun factor of the game I would say its a 8.5/10. A variety of stuff gets it a good rating in my eyes, but there are some things such as repetition or so which make it loose a few marks. Now lets move onto the Plot of the game and see what magical thing are we going to dive into.


The Witcher actually is a series of short novels written by Andrzej Sapkowski. A game with the same name was developed by CD Projekt and was released in Europe on October 26th and in the US was released on the October 30th. The game was established using BioWare's Aurora Engine which was also used for games such as KOTOR and Neverwinter Nights.

The game takes place in the Medieval Fantasy world and follows the story of Geralt, who is one of the last remaining Witchers alive on the planet. Witchers are people gifted with un-natural power and are monster killers for hire. The player is first shown the Witchers work, when in a cutscene he is hired to cure the daughter of a King. He sucesfully cures her and many months pass. After mysterious years you are found unconscious and is bought to the stronghold of Kaer Morhen by fellow Witchers. The games story makes you pass through five different acts, each in a different location. Along the way as the story unfolds you also reunite with former friends and learn of your deep and forgotten past.

Control and Gameplay

The very first thing we shall talk about are its Controls. The Witcher firstly has 3 camera settings. Those three camera settings are: two top-down perspectives, where the mouse is used to control everything, and an over-the-shoulder view, which brings the player closer to the in-game combat, but limits visibility. Now lets move onto its gameplay which is really huge and wonderful. As already know The Witcher is an RPG and so its combat system is very similiar to other games. The combat system alows you three different stances which you can and have to use for different enemies. The fast stance for agile enemies, the heavy stance for heavy enemies and the group stance if you have another NPC with you or if you want to damage more than just 1 enemy at the same time. Other than that the combat system has a combo hit which is activated when the mouse pointer goes orange/yellow and you click at that time. It results in your character putting a combo thus damaging more.

Now for the more interesting things that you can do in The Witcher. There is more than just 1 thing which you can do in TW. There are practically hundrds of things which include: conversations with different NPC's whether its for some quest or just for fun. Conversations might result in you getting an object or side quest from them or maybe just a hint. Then theres Fighting in the bar, which is a side quest, playing Dice, another sidequest, and exploring the map,reading books for information on creatures etc, trading and making money and collecting items that you can use for many purposes e.g: some herbs may be used for making an alchemy potion. A rose or some valuable gift may be used to seduce another NPC into telling you precious information. It should thus be noted that there are many things which TW that will have you playing the game for hours and hours. But I will say that sometimes things become repetive due to which it loses that touch which makes playing fun. Repetion should be as low as possible but I have seen it happen many times in TW which kind of makes it boring at times.


The graphics are IMO very nice. The first mission may have you thinking that the game is dull but later on, the game develops a nice lightning system. The game has a day-night cycle system and also a weather system. So dont expect the weather to stay all sunny all day. This weather changing is a very good addition to the game IMO. It kind of makes the game more interesting since you dont have a constent weather. Textures in the game looks pretty good and other objects in the games huge world are well modelled and detailed. The faces and expression on the character faces are "lookable" and are not just flat faces with eyes,nose,mouth,ear etc.


The conclusion. The Witcher is one of the best RPG's I have played this year and it gives the player everything he needs to enjoy the game. From good graphics to a huge variety of stuff to perform in TW, the player will never run out of things to do and thus will be busy playing the game. It is because of that, that the player will be addicted to the game. So final thoughts: if your wanting to play a new RPG that has come out in the market. I would say your best bet would be to get The Witcher as its an amazing game.

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