Samsung LED Series 6 Review

Omer Saleem
Oct 16, 2009

Television, a medium which provides information, images, entertainment and lots more to billions of humans across the globe (and maybe beyond too). We watched with excitement when the color TV was born. We watched with more excitement when Plasma TV was introduced, with its slim waistline and exquisite picture quality. Then we witness the arrival of LCD TVs, taking world by storm and driving down the price like a rock. Now in the 21st century, we are again looking at a step further in the evolution of Television; it is the arrival of LED TV.

Samsung, being one of the pioneers in the advancement of visual medium technology, has time and time again proven to the world why they are the best. It is not just about the looks, it is what lies beneath. This is where the latest offering from Samsung comes in. It is first of its kind, one of the world’s thinnest TV with just over an inch of waistline. It is Samsung TV Series 6.

After unveiling it to the world, we got a sneak peak at it in August 2009 and ever since then, we wanted to review it to see whether it lived up to the hype. In all honesty, it more or less did live up to our expectations.

Form Factor

As soon as you pull it out of the box, you will love it. It is in accordance with Samsungs obsession to luscious looking electronics. In my opinion, Samsung is very right in their decision to make their hardware look good as no one likes to have an ugly looking super performance electronic device at home.

Secondly you will notice how thin this LED TV is. With just the LED thickness of over an inch, it falls under the category of world thinnest TV.

The color scheming is one of Samsung’s forte. Black along with think red tinge gives this LED a very glamorous look and feel.

The back panel is clean and when I say clean, it means that you do not have to worry about the clutter of “not required” sockets and switches.

With excellent placement of HDMI, USB and Optical Out ports, you do not have to worry about making room for cable management.

Along with HDMI & USB ports, you will see computer VGA port for plugging in your PC/Laptop for those HD movies or even to play games. The screen resolution is true 1070p thus it produces HD quality as it is supposed to be seen.

Alongside the VGA input, Samsung has placed Audio/Video input slots, which comes very handy if you want to attach external A/V devices.


Samsung Series 6 LED TV has a mouth watering on screen display (OSD). This OSD allows the user to tweak and setup the LED according to one’s own liking. From ultra bright to low brightness, from HD Audio to standard headphones, everything is adjustable.

Although, we did have an option of leaving everything to Samsung experts by choosing automatic settings for all components and features but that would not be fun, would it? We tried each and everything on it, even plugged in a PC to see how it performed in terms of resolution and refresh rates. It did not disappoint. Although there was an almost unnoticeable lag while trying out a few newer titles but given the benefit of the doubt, we would not worry about it.

Picture Quality

One word; WOW! That is only if you are watching HD videos or have plugged in your console or PC through HDMI. With the ordinary cable, it was as good as any other low end LCD but when given an opportunity to display its colors in HD, we were amazed. The depth of color and clarity of the picture was as promised by Samsung. There were no blurred edges or even uneven layers; it was crystal clear, period!

Here are a few screenshots for your viewing pleasure. You might not get the same in-depth feeling but you will have a pretty good idea of what we are talking about.

Energy Saving

Samsung claims that its latest offering of LED TV consumer 40% less energy compared to standard LCD TVs. Due to its energy saving feature, this will be of good use for consumers in the sub-continent as the prices of electricity are always on a vertical trend. Not only Samsung LED TVs are low on energy consumption, but they are also made by recyclable material. We know recycling is something not really popular in this part of the world but it is a good news for countries where recycling is taken seriously.


Overall, we found Samsung LED TV Series 6 to be of an extraordinary built and functionality. It boasts not only style but also quality, which has been Samsung’s specialty in TV manufacturing. There is no doubt that Samsung will continue to come up with better technology for its customers but for now this is the best I have seen from Samsung in TV technology.

These TVs come in 40 to 52 inch screen sizes in Series 6, 7 and 8. With a starting price of over ~PKR 200K (close to USD $3,000), these LED TVs do offer value for money. It is a treat to watch the vivid colors and exceptionally good sound come out of these beauties and we are now itching to get our hands on Series 7 & 8 line of these LEDs, which come with and Ethernet port for live updating the firmware over the Internet.

If we were to define these LED TVs in a single sentence then we would say; “It is beauty with brains!”

Thanks to Samsung Pakistan, for providing us this sample for review.

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