World of Tanks Xbox One Review – Blowin’ Stuff

  • Developer/Publisher: Wargaming Minsk & Chicago/Wargaming
  • Platform: PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360
  • Xbox One version tested. Review code provided by the publisher.

World of Tanks remains every bit as much the charming MMOFPS that it has been on any other platform. The arcade shooter dynamics and exquisitely modeled tanks all continue to delight.

Blowing stuff up and getting super serious in World of Tanks on the Xbox One.

Despite its PC roots, world of tanks is very much at home on the console, with the controller being a natural input device. Thus, it's been received surprisingly well on the Xbox 360 and is no surprise that it's made its way here. Wargaming.net could have simply ported over the existing game and called it a day.

They also could have leveraged the newly announced backwards compatibility and supported the transition there, but instead it was seen as an opportunity to improve upon an already successful franchise and update it accordingly.

The underlying game and mechanics remain, but the graphics have been updated to reflect a newer generation console. This might be a five year old game, but it doesn't have to look like it. And it doesn't.

Among the improvements are higher resolution textures, higher polygon count models, a more dynamic environmental damage system, great looking weather effects, updated weapon effects and an actual dynamic skybox. That isn't a literal box anymore. All of these graphical updates will eventually make their way over to PC of course.

If you were a fan of the World of Tanks in the past, then you're sure to still love it. It's still very much a slow and methodical game, rewarding patience and the use of smart strategies, and teamwork, to defeat your foes. If you can take your time, pick your targets and move in a group with good communication, then you'll be all but unstoppable.

World of Tanks appeals to those that aren't looking purely for instant gratification. Rush in and that'll spell your doom. Just as a real tank crew might, you'll have to pay close attention to the environment, looking for firing positions where you can quickly pop up to shoot your target, then back down into safety again. The delay in reloading necessitates the smart use of time, and constant movement if no adequate cover is around.

Once you've mastered how to play, then you'll be concentrating on getting the right style of tank to suit your play style. Do you prefer something faster, though with weaker weapons? Perhaps you'd enjoy more powerful weapons and stronger armor?

You get these by using XP from each specific tank to research higher tiers of tanks among the same research path and in-game currency to purchase the use of that tank. You can play completely for free, but it can be rather grindy if you choose to do so.

That means that unfortunately it can also be a partly pay to win affair, though having as better tank doesn't automatically make you a better player, however because better tanks don't necessarily mean better skill. You can buy packages that give you more XP per round and more currency to help you afford better tiers more quickly because otherwise it is indeed a grind, but a fun grind.

With a good team, smart tactics and a little patience, you can dominate the map.

World of Tanks is a fantastic online shooter. The 15v15 combat is positively exhilarating, providing hours of addictive enjoyment. Ultimately, it's a refreshing difference from the average entry into this genre. The freemium nature might at first seem off putting, but it ends up being a non issue.

The Xbox One is a great platform to play it on, the controls seem very natural and is probably one of the best games on the Xbox One right now. I liked it for the exhilarating action, arcade feel, improved graphics and huge amounts of replay value. I didn't like it for the huge grind, though that can potentially be a non-issue.

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