REDRAGON has built up quite a name for itself in the last couple of years in the gaming industry. The company which started off as a budget-tier brand for peripherals is now entering almost all segments of the market including PC chairs, PC cases, PC power supplies, PC coolers, & even PC monitors. While the company continues to expand its portfolio, we wanted to take a look at its latest and brand-new additions within the keyboard segment.

For this purpose, Microcenter sent us a handful of REDRAGON gear, which mainly included two keyboards, the Devarajas and the Draconic Pro. One is a full-sized design while the other is a half-length design. Both keyboards are aimed at the budget segment but the most important aspect of all is that both of these are fully barebone units which means that users will have the freedom to select between the choice of switches and keycaps for unparalleled amounts of customization. So with that said, let's start off with the quick specifications.

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REDRAGON Devarajas - Mechanical RGB Keyboard 116 Keys (Standard + Multi-Media)

The REDRAGON Devarajas is a full-length keyboard that has 104 standard and 12 multi-media keys. The barebone unit is listed for $59.99 US ($49.99 US Off right now). The keyboard is built from a full metal construction, a gold-plated USB connector, and a brushed metal finish on the surface. Some of the main features include:

  • 6 themes backlights
  • 12 backlight models
  • 4 LED brightness levels
  • Adjustable pulsing rate LED lights
  • 104 standard keys
  • All non-conflict keys; 12 multimedia keys; adjustable input speeds
  • Interchangeable arrow keys and WASD keys
  • WIN keys can be disabled when gaming; laser engraved chiclet keycaps

The keyboard measures 17.1 x 4.9 inches and weighs 1.18kg. The entire keyboard comes with an RGB-backlit design and as a standard, it comes with Brown switches but since this is a barebone variant, users can customize it as they want.

REDRAGON Draconic Pro - 60% Wireless Mechanical RGB Keyboard With 61 Keys (Full Rollover)

The second keyboard which we have today is the REDRAGON Draconic Pro which is a 60% design with an RGB and Mechanical aesthetic. It costs $54.99 US ($44.99 US Off right now). The compact keyboard comes with a total of 61 keys and accommodates Bluetooth 5.0 which allows for wireless usability. There are two modes on the keyboard, one is the standard wireless operation and the second is the ECO mode which can offer higher battery times. The internal battery is rated at 3000 mAh and can get you a decent amount of time when using it.

  • Keyboard Weight: 8 Kg
  • Keyboard Dimensions: 291.7*101.7*36 mm
  • Key Switches: Redragon Mechanical Brown Switches
  • USB Connector: Detachable Type-C Cable
  • Keyboard Connectivity: Wired/Wireless (Bluetooth v5.0)
  • Matrix: 61 Keys (Full Rollover)
  • Height Adjustable: Yes
  • Key Switches: Redragon Mechanical Brown Switches
  • USB Connector: Detachable Type-C Cable
  • Keyboard Connectivity: Wired/Wireless (Bluetooth v5.0)
  • Matrix: 61 Keys (Full Rollover)
  • Height Adjustable: Yes

As for the dimensions, the Draconic Pro measures 11.5 x 3.9 inches and weighs 0.61kg. Like the Devarajas, it also comes with Brown switches as standard but once again, we got the barebone kit which allows us full customizability.

REDRAGON Devarajas & Draconic Pro Unboxing & Close-Up

Both REDRAGON Devarajas and Draconic Pro come in standard cardboard packages with a picture of the keyboards themselves and the "Barebone" edition label. If you don't want the barebone kit, you can simply by the full keyboard for a slightly higher price.

The backside of the package lists the features and specs of the keyboards. It also shows that the PCB includes RGB lighting.

Both keyboards are nicely packaged within the box with foam handles on the side and a foam sheet to cover them and protect from dust.


Both motherboards come with a set of accessories. The Devarajas includes a USB Type-C connector, a manual, and a keycap replacer while the Draconic Pro comes with a BT module, a manual, and a keycap remover.

Both keyboards have a very solid frame but the Devarajas is the one that really stands out with its full metal body which gives it more durability. The Draconic Pro goes with a plastic design but its to be expected in this price range.

The backside of each keyboard has riser feet which can be adjusted manually by users. You will note that there's a small Bluetooth module placed within its container on the Draconic Pro which adds a really nice touch.

The thing about having a barebone keyboard is that it gives you large amounts of customization options but it can also make your decision harder since there's a large variety of options to select from.

The green PCB has RGB LEDs and can switches of any type can easily be installed.

The REDRAGON switches come in sets of 24 which means you need at least four of these to fill in the Draconic Pro. You will need to double that to fill in the Devarajas since it's a full-length keyboard. It will end up being very costly.

The final build looks perfect. We have the Draconic Pro fully assembled which looks great and is ready for our use.

With the backlit keys, you can see the RGB on the keyboard light up. There are several modes that you can select from through the software but the one I like is the reactive ripple effect which is enabled by default on our sample.

On the side of the keyboard, you can see the two switches. One is for On/Off while the other is to switch between the BT modes (ECO / Full). There are also LED indicators to show if the battery is charged (green) or needs charging (red). The USB Type-C connector also plugs in to the right and charges the keyboard.

REDRAGON Devarajas & Draconic Pro Accessories

Microcenter also supplies us with four sets of mechanical switches. These come in various options and range between $15-$20 US per pack.

The keycaps are nicely placed within the containers and come with a keycap tool for easy removal and installation.

Not only that but there's also a Switch Lube and a Switch Opener that REDRAGON supplies and can make customization even easier.

Finally, we have the Sniper PRO gaming mouse from REDRAGON which comes with both wireless & wired capabilities. The mouse also comes with a similar Bluetooth dongle to the Draconic Pro & has two modes, Eco and standard. The Eco mode cuts off all the RGB LEDs to conserve battery life.


Conclusion - Great Customizatibility Comes At A Cost

During my testing, I had no problem using either keyboard since they were customized to my liking. Using the switches and keycaps I preferred,  I had a great experience with both keyboards but a lot more with the Draconic Pro which was easy to install and just ran as intended. I thought it would be a tiresome job to set the Bluetooth up for the keyboard but as soon as I plugged the module into my PC and turned the keyboard on, it was instantly detected and ready to use.

One thing that REDRAGON proved here is that it is no longer to be considered a budget brand but one that really knows the needs of PC gamers and delivers products of all kinds. Ranging from keyboards to switches to keycaps and you name it, REDRAGON has it all. But the issue is that while the overall usability is great and the products are really nice, these customization options can end up being slightly expensive. If you consider buying the Draconic Pro barebone kit, you will end up with a $100 US+ cost considering you have to buy the switches and the keycaps. If you buy the pre-assembled unit, that will cost the same as the barebone keyboard and save you lots of money but you will be stuck with Brown switches.

So if you really want to customize and get a mix of switches on your keyboard, REDRAGON can be a cheaper alternative to some of the higher-end offerings but it will still be far more expensive than pre-build keyboards. With that said, REDRAGON really impressed me here with their build quality & their ease of use which is something that I didn't expect. As such, these two get a recommended award from me!

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