The brand Razer is no stranger to the gaming peripheral industry. In fact, I’d say Razer happens to be one of the corner stones of the industry sharing the mantle with the likes of SteelSeries and Cyborg. Right now, Razer has teamed up with Disney and brought us products based on their film “Tron : Legacy”. Under their Tron line, they have released a Tron themed Gamer Peripherals which are a Gaming Keyboard, mouse or a mouse with a Tron themed Mat combo. Today I'd be reviewing the TRON gaming Mouse and Mat.



To begin with, the TRON mouse has a universal design, meaning can be used for both left and right handed gamers alike with none of the drawbacks. Sporting a 3.5G second generation laser at 5600 dpi, this is right now, one of the top-of-the-line products by Razer.


  • Light and Sound Effects at Startup and Shutdown
  • 5600dpi Razer Precision 3.5g Laser Sensor
  • 7 Hyperesponse™ Buttons
  • 1000Hz Ultrapolling™ / 1ms response time


  • Ambidextrous Design for both right and left handed use
  • Lighting Alerts (When Mouse both on and off a flat surface)
  • Amazing Tron Themed Mouse start up sound
  • Zero-acoustic Ultraslick™ Mouse feet
  • 7 Foot braided USB Cable
  • Approximate size: 110L x 61.3W x 33.5H (in mm)


  • Modern-Sleek Design that’s easy on the hand
  • 7 Hyperesponse™ Buttons
  • 4 Zero-acoustic Ultraslick™ mouse feet
  • Changeable DPI Settings from 800 to 5600DPI with a click of a button
  • Tron Themed Lighting & Sound effects at Startup
  • Infra-red 3.5 G Second Gen Laser
  • Plug and play support (Very favorable for Lan Parties)
  • Supported OS:  XP/Vista/7/Mac OSX

Packaging & Design

When looking at the packaging of the Razer Tron Gaming Mouse and Mat bundle, you'd notice the box held closed by a cover that’s open from both sides securing the box inside by tapes on the side.


The back of the box shows an overview of the mouse’s details as well as a few features of the mat itself.

Box rear

Upon taking out of the cover, you'd notice the theme following all over the box, even side groves are cut in the way

Tron Box

Upon removing the top cover, you'd also see an acrylic sheet with a cut below to lift it up and a DISNEY TRON LEGACY logo printed on it as well as a Razer logo. Hat’s off for presentation here!

tron Box

On lifting the clear acrylic sheet exposes the TRON Mouse Mat underneath which lies the mouse and the manuals itself.

Mouse In Box

There are 4 booklets and 2 stickers in the packing which consist of a user manual and a quick start guide that are both in English and Spanish.


Razer does prove it’s standards by the quality of packing used with the mouse and mat. I am quite impressed.

Closer Examination

Now on closer examination of the mouse, you'd see the sleek design of the mouse with white cuts on both sides that illuminate with white lights when the mouse is powered on.

Mouse top

At the top, you’d notice the scroll wheels with faded white rigs on its sides (that illuminate too) and the stretched out left & right click buttons.


There are two buttons on both sides of the mouse that are customizable according to the user’s tastes either left or right handed.


Underneath the mouse shows it’s Model No, Product Number, TRON logo, the 3.5 G 5600DPI laser and a UV reactive light just above the bottom light. It’s function will be shown later on.


The USB connector is, however, not gold plated or as such. It would have improved contact but doesn’t make much of a difference at all.


The Tron Mouse Mat

  • Hard Mouse Mat with Bioluminescent Tracking Glow Trail
  • Approximate size: 290L x 207W x 3H (in mm)

At first, I can instantly tell the difference which is pretty much compared to my cheap mouse pad. For one thing, on my mouse pad, I have to set it upto 1600 dpi for normal use while on the TRON mat, 800dpi feels the same as 1600dpi! This is one seriously awesome pad compared to the Razer Mamba!


At the back, you can see a TRON logo as well as a TRON themed polygons filled design.



Performance if you’d ask me is outstanding. Comparatively with the ROCCAT KOVA, this has a larger DPI sensor (3200 VS 5600DPI Respectively) and is much more responsive in games such as COD:BO and other FPS titles thanks to it’s 7 Hyperesponse™ buttons, you’d always get the kill, anywhere, anytime. Overall, the grip and design of the mouse is just outstanding. It may be a slight finger print magnet but who’d notice when they’re all ready too busy with being dazed by its amazing lighting effects! One may, by accident click the buttons on the sides and needs a little to get used to. On the default profile, the left two buttons allow you to go forward and back in pages whether you’re browsing online in a forum or just ego surfing. While the other two allow you to change the mouse’s DPI settings from 800 to 1200, 1800, 4000, and 5600 DPI respectively, while being notified on the screen of each DPI change.

Mouse & Mat


Although the Razer TRON is Plug and Play, in order to save macros (up to 45 profiles), customizing the mouse’s buttons, lighting, tweaking the mouse’s performance and well as setup profiles, you will have to download it's driver from the Razer's official website as no drivers are provided along in the box.

Assign Buttons Tab


At this screen, we can customize what action should each button execute as well as apply profiles as per the user’s needs and tastes.

Tweak Performance Tab


There are various customizable options here in this tab including changing the polling rate up to 1000Hz (1ms response) as well as change the DPI sensitivity and even manage the X-Y sensitivity of the mouse independently. Upon clicking the ‘Sensitivity Stages’, the following page opened:


Here we can manage the sensitivity stage settings that we can change from the two buttons on the right side. Each stage is customizable to a different DPI setting as well as can also be managed independently for the X-Y sensitivity as the user desires.


Manage Profiles Tab

Here, we are able to manage profiles for the mouse as well as enable the On-Screen Display notification.

Manage Macros Tab


Here we are able to set up to 45 different Macros for the Mouse. Very nice feature for those who wants to get the most kills in the end of game.

Lighting Tab


Last but not least is the lighting tab from where we can can manage the lighting of the mouse, customizable with each and every profile. The "Underglow" option enables the mouse to leave a Glow trail on the TRON Mouse pad demonstrated in the video below.


Mouse mat Front

That's right folks. There's something special hidden in the TRON mouse and it's mat. Apparently when "Underglow" is turned on from the Razer TRON's software, the mouse, apparently with every swipe, leaves a light blueish glow trail.


This does sound COOL as you may say since no mouse has ever been seen doing like this. This, I have to admit, really brings out the "TRON" out of the mouse!


Here you can see what's all the fuss about. There's an Ultraviolet (UV) light or black light that's underneath the mouse. This only activates when the sensor detects the mouse is on a flat usable surface.


In the following video, you'd see how's it works live in action:


Personally, after using this mouse for over a week, I can compare it with the ROCCAT’s KOVA that this. At first, they both may be similar but this looks and feels even  more cooler to use while the KOVA looks as if it’s a stealth mouse going for a Bomb run at the Gulf Coast. Even though with a high price tag of a 130$ for the bundle, it’s a pretty good deal as you’re getting a both left and right handed mouse with none of the drawbacks. The Glow trail on the mouse mat is a really nice feature for the mouse and adds a lot of  ‘bling’ to it. The anesthetics of the packaging/mouse/mat really impressed us.  Therefore, we award it the Editors Choice Award for its overall design, features and presentation.


  • Ambidextrous Design
  • Sound Effects
  • An Extremely Accurate Sensor Mouse
  • Modern Sleek Looks
  • Lighting


  • No weight Management

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