NTENSE has made a name for itself on Amazon with tons of desks, stands, chairs, and other fashionable accessories for the home or office. I was given the chance to review the NTENSE Genesis Adjustable Standing/Sitting Desk that is advertised for gaming.

While I loved the build of the desk—three separate heights for use, whether you sit, have a need for a mid-level height for your children, or standing position for use so that you can remain awake and aware of what you are working on—there are a few minor details that go unnoticed at first. Now, the negatives are small, but I will also try to show two different perspectives on each when I can.

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First, lets talk about what there is to like about NTENSE's adjustable gaming desk.

The ability to have the three separate size levels is fantastic. I have actually been in the market for a desk just like this, and this truly did not disappoint. Assembly was very easy. In fact, I only needed a second person to help assemble the base and the top of the desk towards the end of the build.

I like that it was a stress-free build, and I wish more companies would follow suit. It has two 6-inch LED strips that are attached underneath, giving that level of futurism and showcasing the working area. Content creators and gamers would thoroughly enjoy these options, and so would LED enthusiasts like myself.

It comes with a cup holder and a headset holder, with the ability to be placed in one of four sections on the desk, allowing the desk to be placed anywhere in most rooms. It has two USB-A ports for charging or USB accessories. The surface is smooth and gives off an extremely futuristic and minimal look. I had no problem finding things to put on the desk to dress it up and make the ultimate work desk for my office.


Customer service is great. I had a broken piece that came in during shipment, and in contacting the company, they sent a replacement kit in a few days. I love when companies help their customers in an extremely timely matter.

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So, let's discuss the negatives. Now, again, I am going to look at a few different views when I talk about these issues. I really like this desk, but these would be areas of note that I would change in the future.

First, the LED lights are located under the countertop of the desk. As with most LED strips that are used in an accessory manner, you have a lot of great opportunities to come up with combinations to match the area and the other accented parts of the room. The LEDs are bolted under the desk in pre-drilled sections to keep it in place. That is a good thing, because, after a week of use, the LED strip itself became unattached from the desk. I have experienced this before, but not with NTENSE. The style of LED is what you will find in higher quality LED light strips—an extremely protective silicone barrier to protect the lights themselves and actually help with the lighting itself.


Unfortunately, because of the weight of this style of LED, it does tend to detach from whatever surface it is on. I have yet to find one manufacturer that makes a similar style of LED and not runs into the same problem. It is this determination that I have come to that explains the need for the nine silicone brackets holding the cords and lights in place. If they had not offered that, the lights would have fallen and would have essentially become useless. Unless you are sitting low enough to see the lights in general, this small issue is unnoticeable and could very well be overlooked.

Another issue with the LEDs was the RF wireless controller. It worked great. I could get every feature of the lights to work flawlessly. But, the label started to peel after a week. Just like the LEDs, the remote experienced the same problem. If anything, I'm thinking I am a small percentage of people experiencing this, and I doubt that this happens to everyone.

The USB-A ports on the front of the desk require more power. I was unable to get adequate power to a ring light that only required 3V, which happens to be the level advertised. I tried other devices, such as rechargeable batteries and other USB accessories, and ran into the same problem. I was even unable to charge a phone adequately using the USBs. In researching the setup of the wiring, it appears that there is not enough power surging through the cord. I do not feel that it was a deal killer, but might be something the company either needs to look at or has already fixed in newer models since this came out.


The last complaint is the cupholder. I drink water, soda, coffee, beer, and so the idea of a cup holder to hold my drink off of the desk was a nice change. However, the only container I can safely put into the cupholder with the cup attachment is a can of soda, such as the can of Coke pictured. It was hit and miss with beer cans, and there is no way it would hold my water or coffee due to the cups I put it in. If I lived in an area where bottled water is the norm, then that might fit into it. But, my water and my coffee would have to be placed elsewhere. I would say that I may even remove the cupholder because the real use I am getting from it is holding writing utensils and a few little tools. That actually might be a better feature for it, but for drinks, it is iffy.


NTENSE really makes very durable products. The desk has held up extremely well with the amount of use put through it over the last few months. From a durability standpoint, it is fantastic and I am extremely happy with it. However, looking at an alternative for the LED lights to something more flush with the bottom of the desktop, fixing the power supply issues with the USB ports, and either removing the cupholder and replacing it with another accessory—another hook to hold another headset, or a dedicated section to hold tools, etc., I feel that the little change made could make this potentially a killer desk.

Wccftech Rating

Overall, this is a great gaming desk with only a few small flaws in accessories. But, only if you are looking closely at the negatives.

  • Durable build, LEDs are very bright, headset holder is a great use of space, cupholder is great for most cans and skinny bottles.
  • LED lights became unattached after one week, the label on the remote is currently unattached after one week, and the USB does not draw enough power for it to truly be useful.

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