Secure Fit, Bluetooth Headphones That Claim to Be Water Resistant – Possible in a Budget? Yep.

Feb 12, 2018


Tsumbay Waterproof Sport Headphones

Type Noise Cancelling Sport Headphones
Price $19.99

A few weeks back, I was asked if I’d like to review Tsumbay’s noise cancelling sport headphones. Having previously reviewed a few headsets I was a little skeptic of a pair that came for just $20. This skepticism wasn’t only due to the low price but its long list of features. Tsumbay TS-BH20 purported to not only be waterproof but highlighted a number of other features – sports earphones, wireless, stereo sound, sweatproof, secure fit… In short, it looked like someone thought it would be a good idea to throw all the trending keywords in one product.

I remained skeptical until I opened the box, paired it up and started listening to whatever my phone was playing at the moment. I have to admit Tsumbay has surprised me – if not shocked me – with what they have managed to pack inside these small earbuds and that too at such an unbelievably low price.

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Hits: sound quality, mic quality, easy setup, secure fit (yayy for the carrying case)

This pleasant surprise started with the sound quality. From bass to classical music, these earbuds were nowhere close to the crappy sound quality others in the same range mostly offer. Of course, these aren’t for audiophiles. For one, the treble is a little too prominent, but compared to free earphones that you get with your phones and most other products under $40 and Tsumbay sounds nearly premium.

“Thanks to the latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR+ CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology, you can get richer and crisp sound as well as superb bass sound with these Bluetooth earbuds at the furthest degree that in-ear & Bluetooth-compression items can achieve,” the company boasts. While that’s true to some degree, the noise cancellation isn’t perfect.

That’s actually one area where I do feel this product slightly lacks. It’s definitely not like what comes packaged with our phones, but it’s also not similar to some budget options (like the Tronsmart Encore S6 where noise cancelling works like a charm). For example, when you wear them, noise cancelling isn’t immediate. You are definitely auditory aware to mid- and high-pitched sounds. It might be unfair to compare a $20 product to those that go for over $60, and the feature does kill ambient noise to a great degree, but it’s not perfect.

When it comes to talking on phone using these Bluetooth headphones, the mic also works seamlessly. Many products under $70 seem to have a problem with mic. The person on the other end always asks if you are on Bluetooth earphones or if you have signal issues. The voice is clear at the other end, which is a major bonus.

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Tsumbay TS-BH20, however, isn’t just advertised for its sound quality. The company appears to be so confident of its sound tech that it focuses more on other features like secure fit, noise cancelling, water resistance, and sports comfort. It did fit perfectly as long as you are someone who likes earbuds and not over-the-ear headphones. The product works like a charm during a workout session or jogging. There’s no discomfort, no fixing things up repeatedly.

I also became a fan of the simple packaging and more importantly the carrying pouch that it brings. This small little bag makes things a little more organized since it’s one less wire getting tangled with million others.

Misses: no audio jack and annoying flashes

Tsumbay TS-BH20 lacks an audio jack, which means when charging goes so does the music. It obviously doesn’t come with any charging case so the music literally comes to a halt. The battery does last over 8 hours easily and charges in about 1.5 hours. Even with a 15-minutes charge, you can get a couple of hours. But, having no alternative like the audio jack might be a problem for those who get “range anxiety.”

Another issue that looked like a problem to me and might not be such a big deal for others is its LED that continues to flash every 5 seconds or so when it’s connected. Extremely annoying in a dark room or if you wear specs as the light will reflect, making things distracting until you get used to it.

But, keeping the price in mind, these misses are nothing but nitpicking. If you want something straightforward that does what it claims to do, Tsumbay TS-BH20 will be a perfect fit for those in budget. While I won’t give up over-the-ear alternatives that feel and sound better to me, these work better and admittedly feel more comfortable during workouts and outdoor trips as they remove the bulk out of the equation while still giving you a good sound quality.

Tsumbay TS-BH20 Sport Headphones: specs and design

The design is pretty simple. The right side is what acts as the hub of the pair, where you will find the volume keys and a multi-function button (MFB). MFB is used to start the product, receive calls, play/pause music, call last dialled number, and more. Volume keys are used for volume control and to move around the playlist. There is also a charging port at the bottom.

The material quality doesn’t feel rough to your skin. The part that goes over your ear is actually made up of a soft material, which means it won’t cause discomfort after hours of usage. Here are the complete specs of Tsumbay TS-BH20:

  • Model: TS-BH20
  • Bluetooth Version: v4.1+ EDR
  • Support Profiles: HFP, HSP, AVRCP, A2DP
  • Operating Distance: 10M
  • Battery Capacity: 100mAh
  • Battery Voltage: 3.7V
  • Charging Time: About 1.5 Hours
  • Music Playtime: About 8 Hours
  • Standby Time: About 240 Hours
  • Ergonomic in-ear design and super soft silicone over-ear hooks
  • Includes: headset, carrying case, 6x replacement earbuds of 3 different sizes, USB charging cable, user manual in multiple languages
  • Price: $19.99


If you are looking for something that actually stays fit during jogging, offers good sound quality, is sweatproof, and doesn’t cost more than your monthly groceries – Tsumbay TS-BH20 is made for you. This product is no Sennheiser and it doesn’t claim to be. But, for its price, this headset is going to surprise you.

– You can get Tsumbay TS-BH20 IPX7 noise cancelling headphones from Amazon.


This small sweatproof Bluetooth headset brings minimalistic design, comfortable fit, and noise cancelling at less than half the price of competitors.

Design & Aesthetics9.5


  • Impressive battery life
  • Good sound quality
  • Excellent value for money
  • Secure, comfortable fit


  • No audio jack
  • Annoying LED flashes
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