MSI GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio 8 GB GDDR6 Graphics Card Review – The Battle Has Just Begun!



MSI GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio

29th, October, 2020
Type Graphics Card
Price $559.99 US

Conclusion - Stunning Performance At Stunning Value But Faces Huge Competition Ahead

Coming to the conclusion, NVIDIA has a very strong contender in the $499 US this time around and one that actually delivers better performance than the last generation flagship. Gamers can expect faster performance, lower temperatures and lower power consumption, all that are worthy of title this card as one of the best gaming offerings this generation.

The MSI GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio in particular delivers a stunning design and offers some performance headroom to be explored with its 4-5% higher power limit. The Gaming X Trio does a great job keeping the card under the low 60's and the added features such as 0db fan technology, a nicely build shroud with backplate and the cool RGB features are all an added bonus. The RGB is not overdone and the Mystic Light cuts on the front and sides provide really good aesthetics of the card itself. MSI is charging a $59 US premium for its GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio graphics card.

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The thing that stood out to me the most was just how compact the MSI GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio's PCB is. Sure the RTX 3070 FE is slightly smaller but this is a custom board with better quality components and a higher power delivery subsystem implemented in the PCB. The PCB design may just open the door for future Mini-ITX designs, something that was missing from the RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti series of cards. Having a SFF design card with performance on par with the RTX 2080 Ti is going to be a killer product.

The RTX 3070 is based on the GA104 GPU which unlike the TU106 GPU is a much denser graphics chip and one that requires a lot of power, even for a 70 class GeForce product. The GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio does end up consuming slightly more power than the GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 SUPER custom designs but at the end of the day, its no where near the same levels as the RTX 2080 Ti which is a big bonus. The updated ray tracing cores also deliver a wider performance difference between the RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 3070 with Ampere clearly being ahead.

One big limiting factor for the graphics card is its 8 GB GDDR6 memory buffer. Now while the RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio delivers exceptional performance at 1440p and 4K resolutions that sometimes outperforms and mostly matches the RTX 2080 Ti, there can be certain dips in minimums at higher resolutions such as 4K. It should've been better if the RTX 3070 had a similar memory capacity as the RTX 3080 which should've been a more balanced design for this graphics card.

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However, while I will call the GeForce RTX 3070 graphics card as the best graphics card for gamers available right now, I won't set it in the stone as AMD has just announced its own $579 US Radeon RX 6800 graphics card which is said to offer performance faster than the RTX 2080 Ti, will feature ray-tracing support and will carry an impressive 16 GB GDDR6 frame buffer. The RX 6800 will be a real challenger for the GeForce RTX 3070 and since the launch of the RX 6800 is just a few weeks away (18th November), I would advise readers to wait to see reviews on that before jumping over to purchase a RTX 3070 graphics card.

Overall, the MSI GeForce RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio is a great graphics card which at a $59 US higher premium ($559 US), delivers great 1440p and I would even go as far as to say great 4K graphics performance that undoubtedly ends the era of the GeForce RTX 2080 Ti. The RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio comes in a beautifully packaged cooler design with great looks and even better cooling performance that makes it one of the better AIB offerings.

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  • Faster Than RTX 2080 Ti at Just $559 US
  • Great for 1440p & 1440p ultra-wide gaming
  • Insane Productivity Performance at its price
  • Factory Overclocked Out of Box
  • Tri Frozr heatsink cooling performance is great
  • Refreshing new MSI Gaming design
  • ZeroFrozr Technology Included on Torx 3.0 fans
  • The backplate includes heat pads for increased heat dissipation
  • RGB Lighting support on the shroud and sides are a plus
  • Support for real-time ray tracing and DLSS features in next-generation gaming titles
  • Good driver support for GeForce products, compatibility with DX11, DX12, Vulkan, OpenGL titles
  • Good increase in performance per watt vs Turing
  • First GPU to feature HDMI 2.1 support + AV1 Decoder


  • Only 8 GB VRAM
  • Slower 14 Gbps memory dies
  • Very high power consumption
  • Limited room for overclocking due to lower power-limit
  • Faces Big competition ahead from the AMD Radeon RX 6800
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