The most significant inconsistency with most Nintendo Switch docks is Nintendo's strictness in its technology. Third-party Nintendo Switch docks can be found all over the Internet, especially on and other electronics online retailers. IOGEAR Dock Pro USB-C 4K Station with Game+ Mode was a pleasant surprise in a sea of third-party docks.

IOGEAR Dock Pro USB-C 4K Station with Game+ Mode offers Nintendo Switch, mobile, and tablet users the ability to have a small form-factor travel dock, but at what price?

I should point out that this dock isn't completely set for the Nintendo Switch only. You can also utilize a smartphone or tablet made by Samsung and use the included Samsung Dex emulator on all Samsung products, turning the dock into a passthrough to use your phone or tablet on an external display. I primarily used my Nintendo Switch for my testing—at high risk of ruining my system—to see if this dock was worth your hard time and money.

This dock by IOGEAR comes in handy for users who are used to a mouse and keyboard for competitive games like Fortnite, Warframe, or other MMO-style games heavily found on desktop computer systems. One of this product's uses for Nintendo Switch users is using an additional mouse or keyboard for compatible games. The dock marks each port so that attaching any device or peripherals can be done quickly without headaches for the user.

Another plus is the IOGEAR Dock Pro's size. The dock is less than three inches deep and 3.5-inches long. It can be placed easily on any desktop due to its small form factor. The IOGEAR Dock fits well behind my monitor to free up my desk space for my Nintendo Switch, keyboard, phone, mouse, and mousepad.

The pricing for the dock is pretty affordable, especially for traveling. However, I would prefer to use my first-party Nintendo Switch dock for general home use, which I am guaranteed a higher level of compatibility than a third-party offering. But, for less than half the cost of the first-party dock system, it is worth looking into an affordable replacement or mobile addition.

Connecting the different devices to the IOGEAR Dock Pro is not hard, but it raised two issues. It requires a power source, meaning you will probably have to unplug the one connected to your current dock or buy an additional one for mobile use. Currently, the AC Adaptor for the Switch is around $37 to $38, and I have experienced issues with Nintendo Switch's use of power in the past. I haven't experienced it lately, but at one time, the Switch required users to use the AC adaptor on a separate outlet because of the amount of power was being pulled into the device. The power-draining was causing systems to stop working if they were in the dock until you find a suitable outlet not used by any other devices. For a user, this can cause trust issues with third-party products that the manufacturer does not make unless they have to license with the leading company.

Additionally, the IOGEAR Dock Pro does not have an additional HDMI cable. Again, I had to find one I had sitting around, not in use. Had I not had this, it does add a little to the cost of the final product. Then, you have to think about the keyboard and mouse or other wired peripheral. To estimate the additional cost, I could easily spend $118 to $125 on cables and accessories to get full use out of the Dock Pro. Or, I spend another $20 and get the first-party Nintendo Switch dock and forgo using the IOGear Dock Pro for security purposes.

When attaching my Samsung Galaxy S10+, the compatibility was terrific, but due to the age of the phone, I find it to be more cumbersome to use my phone as a travel computer. The experience is slow due to the constraints of the phone and not the dock. The dock works precisely as intended, but I would never want to have to work like that unless I had no choice.

Outside of the issues with finalized costs of getting the IOGEAR Dock Pro to work fully, it is a viable option if you have other parts needed in your home or desk/game space. With its small size and high amount of mobility to be taken anywhere, the Dock Pro does have some great features in that aspect.


The IOGEAR Dock Pro USB-C 4K Station with Game+ Mode is an excellent addition for gamers looking to keep connections minimized and have something that can fit into your pocket or travel bag. As an alternative to home use, especially for those that would have to spend additional funds to ensure working status, the Dock Pro may not be a viable replacement from the first-party Nintendo Switch dock.

Wccftech Rating

The IOGEAR Dock Pro 60 USB-C 4K Station with Game+ Mode is great for travel with its small footprint. But how does it stand up to mobile phones?

  • Small in size; perfect for travel; accessibility with Android phones; accessibility with a mouse and keyboard for Nintendo Switch compatible games.
  • Laptops, notebooks, and Chromebooks would be more feasible options, but for less than the cost of any of the three, this is a passing alternative if you were left with no choice.

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