Intel Pentium G620 LGA 1155 Processor Review: Sandybridge For The Masses


What was once the pride of Intel is now its embarrassment. The Pentium is no more the King of performance, its legacy stands disgraced. Intel continues to use the Pentium name only as it is recognized among consumer of a product that once was. The Pentium is now a budget product. As was seen in our performance review it cannot hope to compete even with last generation’s mid range offering. It does beat its own counterpart for yesteryears but that was to be expected.

If you are looking for a budget processor, you can probably do with the Pentium G620. But keep in mind that you cannot over-clock this minnow. While it might cost <100 dollars, Intel’s older offerings (which retail for less or the same amount the Pentium Dual core and E7xx series) will work faster when over-clocked.

One area where the Pentium G620 will find a home is in the HTPC setup. Its integrated setup is good enough for high definition content playback. But even here there are cheaper offerings which can work in compact cases (like several enhanced Atom boards with dedicated video playback hardware).

Had Intel left these processors with unlocked multiplier and memory over-clocking it would have been much easier recommending them. But as things stand they are a niche product and you’ll have to find a perfect niche to utilize these.

Pentium G620

Core i3-530

Pentium G6950












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