Intel Pentium G620 LGA 1155 Processor Review: Sandybridge For The Masses



Processors Pentium G620 (LGA 1156)Core i3 540 (LGA 1155)

Pentium G6950 (LGA 1156)

Motherboards Asus P7H55-V (LGA 1156)Asus P8P67 (LGA 1155)
Memory Corsair DDR3-1333MHz 2x4 GB. Total 8 GB
Video ATi 6950-2GB
Power Supply Corsair HX620
Cooler Stock (for all processors)
Operating System Windows 7 x64


Synthetic PC Mark 7X264 HD
Real World 7-Zip
Gaming Far Cry 2Crysis Warhead


Synthetic Tests

PC Mark 7

PC Mark 7 comes from the same people who make 3D Mark. Rather than testing 3D graphics subsystem, PC Mark is a jack of all benchmark focusing on day to day computational tasks.

All the minnows are pretty much bunched up together. The Core i3-530 leads the turtle race but they are all in the bottom half of performance table

X264 HD (V3) Benchmark

This benchmark measures the encoding performance of the processor. It offers a standardized benchmark as the clip as well as the encoder used is uniform.

There is more separation here. The new Pentium is faster than the old Pentium. The Core i3-530 leads the pack.

Real World

Some might argue against using 7-zip’s compression and decompression benchmark as a ‘real world’ test. But if you try and think about it for a minute, the benchmark does show how fast the program will either compress or decompress, while negating the impact of disk transfers. The chart below shows the total score achieved.

The i3 530 is clearly in the lead while the Pentiums follow their hierarchy (the new is better than the old!)


Far Cry 2

Far Cry 2 1680X1050
Benchmark Inbuilt 'Small Ranch CPU
Rendering Path DX9 - Medium

Crysis - Warhead

Crysis - Warhead 1680X1050
Benchmark Customized
Rendering Path DX9; Physics set to Enthusiast

Both gaming tests show that the i3 530 performs better than the two Pentium offerings.

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