G.Skill Trident Z5 DDR5-6000 CL40 Memory - Features & Unboxing

G.Skill is one of the top memory manufacturers known to gamers and enthusiasts in the PC industry. The company has been specializing in the memory industry for several years and their memory kits are very popular among the masses. There are memory lines from G.Skill that have been the eye-catcher since the company was formed, Trident and Ripjaws.

Both of these series have now become the choice of enthusiasts and overclockers as they come with an impressive specifications list and some of the best design schemes on the market. With the launch of the DDR5 standard, G.Skill is introducing its brand new Trident lineup, the Trident Z5, which comes in high-speed flavors with Samsung ICs and many options to choose from.

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For this particular testing, G.Skill sent me its Trident Z5' F5-6000U3636E-32TZ5S' 32 GB (16 GB x 2) kit which comes with clock speeds of 6000 MT/s. The memory kit consists of dual 16 GB DIMMs which make up a total of 32 GB in capacity. Following are the full specifications of the kit I'll be testing:

  • Memory Type: DDR5
  • Capacity: 32GB (16GBx2)
  • Multi-Channel Kit: Dual Channel Kit
  • Tested Speed: 6000 Mbps
  • Tested Latency: 36-36-36-76
  • Tested Voltage: 1.30V
  • Registered/Unbuffered: Unbuffered
  • Error Checking: Non-ECC (On-Die)
  • SPD Speed: 4800 Mbps
  • SPD Voltage: 1.10V
  • Fan Included: No
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime
  • Features: Intel XMP 3.0 (Extreme Memory Profile) Ready
  • Additional Notes: Rated XMP frequency & stability depends on MB & CPU capability

The memory kit has a tested latency spec of CL36 and the timings are 36-36-36-76 for this specific kit. The voltage set at reference is 1.30V and the memory kit comes in an unbuffered package with a non-ECC (On-Die Error Correction) design.

The memory kit is fully compliant with Intel's XMP 3.0 and can be easily set to its rated clock speeds through the BIOS shipped on the latest Intel motherboards. Memory compatibility differs from motherboard to motherboard so make sure that your board is high-end and rated to support high clock speed memory sticks.

G.Skill offers a limited lifetime warranty with their G.Skill Trident Z5 series memory kits. They are a bit bulky and the heatsinks extend from the top making it harder to install these with a dual-fan heatsink cooler. Make sure there's enough space with an air cooler before installing these. The kit would go perfectly well with an AIO liquid cooling solution, leaving room for the RGB lighting showcase.

G.Skill Trident Z5 32 GB DDR4 Memory Kit Unboxing and Close Up

The G.Skill Trident Z5 series memory comes in a standard cardboard package. The box has the G.Skill Trident Z5 and DDR5 labels on the front and also tells you that it is both XMP 3.0 compliant.

We are looking at the F5-6000U3636E-32TZ5S SKU which features 32 GB of RAM capacity which is clocked in at 6000 MT/s at CL36 timing.

Within the package are two DDR5 DIMMs along with a G.Skill case sticker badge.

Outside the package, the G.Skill Trident Z5 series offers a very aggressive look that features a high-end heat-spreader. The design choice that G.Skill has gone with is very eye-catching and will look great even without the RGB LEDs. Do note that an RGB flavor is also available.

G.Skill provided us with their silver-colored Trident Z5 series memory. Do note that there are both silver and black-colored DIMMs available. The top of the heatsink is colored black and looks great with almost any PC build.

G.Skill experimented a lot with its diffuser system on the previous generation DDR4 Tridents. The new Tridents come in both RGB and Non-RGB flavors but even without the LEDs, their design looks very premium and the heat spreader and the multi-sided curve at the top really stand out from the rest of the DDR5 offerings.

The heat spreader makes use of a black brushed-aluminum strip inset into a metallic silver or matte black body and topped with a sleek black top bar.

The frame of the memory DIMMs is of a high-class design that uses polished aluminum heat spreaders of either black and silver color (silver in our case).

The memory modules are bulky and pack a solid heatsink that delivers optimal thermal performance. The sides feature a large Trident Z5 RGB logo. The DRAMs are fully covered by this aluminum shielded heatsink so higher temperatures won't be an issue on these sticks.

Following is how the memory looks when installed on a Z690 motherboard. Do note that we will have a RGB kit with us soon so we can show you how that looks too soon!


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