Hyppr 100W USB-C GaN Charger – One Charger To Rule Them All


Hyppr’s new Sonic 100W dual-port USB-C charger has been one of those products that once we used, we could not go back. Not only does it have fast charging output, it is also lighter, smaller, and the dual-ports make it more useful than any other charger that we have used, thanks to GaN tech.

The charger has support for both USB-C Power Delivery and Quick Charge technology. A smart chip inside the charger ensures that you get the maximum energy conversion rate from the charger, little heat and maximum safety.

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The charger ships in a tiny box, which just contains the product and small pieces of documentation. There are no charging cables included in the device.

Hyppr Sonic 100W USB-C Charger 2

Here are the technical specifications of the charger:

  • Input: AC 100-240V
  • Output: up to 100W when charging a single device via Power Delivery. 45W when charging two devices.
  • Dimensions: 68 x 66 x 32 mm
  • Weight: 197 grams


The design of the charger is very sleek. We received the black version for review but it also ships in white. The pins are foldable, which makes it easy to carry it around in a laptop bag.

Hyppr Sonic 100W USB-C Charger 4

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When the charger is turned on, a round LED lights up in blue color. Out of the two ports on the device, one is marked as Power Delivery while the other is simply marked as USB-C.

Hyppr Sonic 100W USB-C Charger 3


As per Hyppr’s testing, a 16-inch MacBook Pro charged in just 2.2 hours, a 15-inch MacBook Pro charges in just 2.3 hours, while an iPhone 11 Pro charges to 50% in just 30 minutes. During our testing with an iPhone X, 11-inch iPad Pro and 13-inch MacBook Pro, the company’s claims for fast charging speed held up really well.

Although the charging output goes down to 45W when two devices are connected, we noticed no real slowdowns. When used with certified cables, it was able to charge multiple iPhones or iPads very quickly. With a 13-inch MacBook Pro and an iPhone plugged into both ports, the charging speeds were maintained well enough.


Hyppr’s 100W USB-C charger is better than Apple’s USB-C charger in many ways. Not only does it have 2 USB-C ports for charging up to two laptops at a time, but it is also smaller, lighter, and runs cooler. There is no reason to go for a charger that offers anything less.

It is available for just $42.99 on Amazon, which also makes it an amazing value for money.

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A charger that fast charges two devices at a time, is small, light, does not heat up, and costs less than other chargers? What’s not to love?

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The links above are affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, Wccftech.com may earn from qualifying purchases.
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