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The Hardware Review: Razer Orochi Bluetooth Mouse


In The Hand

Using The Orochi

The Orochi itself has some nice easy slide pads on the base so it’s nice and easy to slide over a variety of surfaces (much smoother than the magic mouse on my wife’s iMac); it doesn’t feel all scratchy on a wooden desk if you don’t want a mouse mat. This is more important for Orochi owners as they’re likely to be using it on the road where mousing surfaces will vary.

On the sides it has a nicely recessed shape to rest your thumb with an inlaid rubberized grip pad. The thumb naturally comes to rest just below the side buttons. It’s small of course, but still fairly comfortable to hold.

The mouse behaves well out of the box. Put in the batteries, turn it on, pair it with your machine (or plug in the USB cable if you’d rather) and you’re good to go, but if that’s all you’re looking for, you’re unlikely to have bought one of these as there are countless other small wireless mice available for a lot less money.

Well, the Orochi is well built, but so are other mice; you do get a nicely put together 125Hz (what Razer refers to as “Ultrapolling”) mouse in wireless mode. Wired gives 1000Hz, but it seems to defeat the Orochi's purpose for me to use it wired. The sensitivity goes up to 8200 DPI and the right side buttons adjust this sensitivity up or down.

One thing I did have some difficulty with is the right mouse button. I’ve never had this problem before, but I guess as a tip/claw mouse user who uses fingertips to navigate rather than the palm of the hand, it seems like I use my middle finger a reasonable amount in doing this. The buttons on the Orochi are a bit sensitive for my large hands. That means that I fairly regularly hit the right mouse button while just moving the Orochi around, which is of course a bit of a pain. The back of the Orochi is fairly arched for such a small mouse so if your hands aren’t as big as mine and you’re not a tip gripper, this may not be a problem for you.

The other problem as a tip/claw grip mouse user is that I was prone to accidentally catching the “speed up” button with my third finger fairly regularly, as I use this finger to push the mouse left (I’m right handed). Time to customize the Orochi a bit, then…


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