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EZ Desk Carbon Edition

Type Desk
Price £299.99 RRP

Last year I talked at length about the values of a Sit/Stand desk. The science is still with me when I state that the value of a standing desk is very much exaggerated. Take it from a person who has spent a lot of time standing in one place for a very long time; it's not good for your feet. Granted, that's mostly at rock concerts, but some of that time was during work. The desk I reviewed at that time was by Flexispot and cost a whopping £400. The EZ Desk Carbon Edition, found on EZshopper, comes in at a lower price. Does it cut quality for price? Let's find out.

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I can't help but feel that I need to pad this review out a little, as I will feel that need for almost every desk I review. There's only so much I can honestly write, so let's talk about working from home. Last year I moved from being a prison officer to a desk-based role. Combine this with the Pandemic, and I moved from a job where I wasn't sat down all the time to one that I am. Add onto this the fact that my other role is that of an elected councillor, and I still write reviews and pieces here when I can, and you have a perfect storm of sitting down and computers.

This is where a sit/stand desk like the EZ Desk Carbon Edition comes in useful. It would be best to stand up now and then for a bit of a stretch, a bit of a walk whenever you're sitting for a prolonged period. Maybe pour yourself a Guinness or make a lovely cup of Yorkshire Gold. You need to get the blood flowing and avoid the many complications of the seated position. This is especially true for gamers, which the EZ Desk Carbon Edition is aimed towards, even if superficially.

What do I mean by that? Well, EZ Desk has a few different types. The Air is more office-based, a reasonably sleek looking piece of furniture. The carbon is all about the gamer. The all-black carbon fibre finish has a lovely sheen that your RGB equipment will bounce off, adding to the whole effect. The desk also has a cup holder because you must remember that gamers look like this. Honestly, the holder is pretty spacious - enough to hold my bottle of whisky. In addition, there's a headphone holder that's also sturdy enough to hold my HTC Vive headset.

With these additions, space is a nice feature of the desk. We've all had those moments where clutter gets on top of us. The love letters from our adoring fans start to overwhelm every corner of your surface. The 140x60cm space available here should help with that. There's more than enough space to put even the largest monitors on, and it's more than suitable for multi-monitor setups. I do think the desk could have done with better cable management options, with this taking the form of holes (with a cover if not being used) to filter cables down.

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EZ Desk Carbon Edition - Specifications and Building

Warranty 1 Year
Tabletop 2 piece MDF tabletop included – 140 x 60 x 1.5 cm
Frame height adjustment 74-119 cm excluding desktop and feet, single motor height adjustable. Speed: 25mm/s
Functionality 2 memory heights, anti-collision, sit-stand timer, LCD display, manual up/down,
Input voltage 240 Volts. Supplied with UK plug
Max load 80kg
Gross Weight 28kg
Boxed dimensions 85x65x12cm

You want to know how easy it is to build this and if it'll get to you in good order. The packaging was sturdy enough, it arrived in good shape with no damage, so I can't complain about that. This is particularly true after a recent experience I had when buying a new bed, where the packaging from the company was abysmal, leading to parts getting damaged. It also didn't help that they used DX, which managed to lose my order twice. After four failed attempts, I spent my own money to collect it.

Anyway, not the piece of equipment I'm reviewing here. Unless you want to talk about it? In which case, clear those thoughts out of your head. I'm British; I only need tea. Unless you have tea too, then come on over. The point is that unless a serial arsonist delivers your table, it should arrive in perfect condition. The question then is if it will be in perfect condition when you've finished building it? It should, but not without challenge.

Whoever wrote the instruction book for the EZ Desk Carbon Edition knew how to set the desk up, sure, but they weren't exactly fond of imparting that knowledge on you, the user. Screws of differing sizes aren't identified clearly, and everything else is hinted towards in rather vague pictures. Still, if you've put together desks before, you'll at least have a head start. If not, you can find proper instructions via video.

There are a few issues here. You need to be near a socket - or at least be using a good extension lead - to get usage of the electronic functions. The lack of cable management options found with other desks is less necessary when your cable is shorter than a gnat's fun-tackle.


Once set up, you'll get to worry about usage. I've already mentioned the desk space and other additions, but I haven't said that a large square within the desk's middle acts as a mouse mat. You'll end up using your own, and, fortunately, the mat isn't too prominent, so it doesn't start to throw things off balance. Like anything black, the only remaining issue is that it shows dirt, smudges, bodily fluids, and fingerprints better than anything else. It starts to look like a Jackson Pollock canvas.

Still, you have the benefit of the electric motor. It's not as quiet as advertised, but it's not a chainsaw roaring in your ear, so I'm not going to complain. You do also have a few settings found within the handy control box. Give yourself a sitting and standing position; press the button, and it's easy-going. There's also an option to remind you to get off your fat arse and move about, plus the height range is decent.

The eventual question is if the EZ Desk Carbon Edition is worth it? At an RRP of £299, it's cheaper than some other desks around, though it lacks a few aspects they have - though it has a few extras of its own. You'll find it cheaper, though. At the time of writing, the desk's on sale and available for £239. In reality, it all depends on what you're after, and if you want a sturdy desk, but electronic and at a reasonable enough price, you could do far worse.

Sample provided for review purposes.


The EZ Desk Carbon Edition is a solid desk made from good materials, though it lacks certain things - such as good cable management - as standard. Multiple settings and a timer to alert you make this a nice piece of equipment for sit/stand working, and the price isn't too high with frequent deals popping up.

Design & Aesthetics7


  • Strong, sturdy and made from good materials.
  • Reasonably smooth lift/lower, which isn't too noisy (though not whisper quiet)
  • Aesthetically pleasing design
  • A few options to program, including a timer to get you up and moving when needed


  • Poor cable-management options (unless you pay extra)
  • Short cables mean positioning of the desk isn't very easy without additional equipment (such as an extension lead)
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