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ErgoChair 2

Type Chair
Price $299

We're taking a look at the ErgoChair 2 from Autonomous, the idea here is a very comfortable office chair, but I'm using it here for my workflow and gaming sessions and it has become a point of contention between my wife and me to the point that I'm having to order her one as well so she'll stop stealing mine while I'm out.

Okay enough of that, let's get to the chair starting with the packaging and assembly, unfortunately, I completely missed taking any shots of that process but it was simple enough with the t-handle Allen key wrench they provide and the well laid out manual and screw packing. Now on to the chair itself.

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Taking things from the top is the adjustable headrest, made of a nice breathable mesh like the back of the chair it is adjustable in both lateral and tilting angles to fit most peoples neck and promote good neck posture by literally holding your head up for you. But, be warned that those with short hair might find it trapping said hair and tugging a bit as you move about or try to get up. Nothing too concerning but a bit odd at first.  Before going too far I want to point out that the frame of the ErgoChair 2 is not metal but a rather strong plastic, strong enough for me to try and break with no such luck.

The back of the chair is one of the key highlights here, great form with the same excellent breathable mesh as the neck rest. The adjustable lumbar support is where the back of the chair really comes to life. You're able to adjust its height but unfortunately not it's depth, that part is handled by the base as we'll discuss later on. Unlike your typical gaming chair, this one doesn't lay flat but it does have the ability to allow you to sit properly when needed, as well as two other very important positions. One is the ability to lean back with the lumbar support moving in tandem so you're properly supported while the other being the back to push towards you forcing you into a proper position which I find extremely helpful when in full blown typing sessions.

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Now let's talk about the part I take a pretty sizeable issue and is the only real negative I can find on the ErgoChair 2 and that is the armrests. They're very reminiscent of the types of armrests you'll find on typical gaming chairs allowing for 4D movement and giving you excellent flexibility in width, height, depth, and angle, but only the height locks in place, with even a little force you can easily move the armrest pads out of the perfect lateral position resulting in having to get it right again quite often.


The seat is exceptionally comfortable even after several hours of work or gaming if you have time for that as well. Featuring a soft but supportive pad and while it may lack the fully breathable mesh that the back and the neck rest has it still has breathability in mind with the layered mesh so that you feel slightly suspended. Remember when I said you couldn't adjust the lateral movement of the lumbar support? Yeah, the seat itself is where you do that with the ability to actually move the seat itself forward and back so that you can fine-tune the balance of the entire chair, pretty nifty.

Under the seat is where the plethora of levers that control the various functions as well as a nice crank to increase or decrease the tension on the back of the chair when it is able to recline. The gas strut stand, base, and wheels are nothing to write home about and are your typical affair. If I could suggest one change here it would be to add roller blade style wheels so the chair could glide across the carpet and maintain it's ultra smooth feel at all times.

At the end of the day for a price point of $299, the ErgoChair 2 comes in at a similar price as most of the gaming chairs people are buying, I can't imagine going with one of those over this. This may not look like it's ready for a drag race, but I know which chair I want to drag my butt into. Long work or gaming sessions with minimal discomfort are worth the asking price but if I had to ding it for something it is going to be those non-locking armrests. It may not be a Herman Miller Aeron, but you're not going to need to take out a small loan to get this one under your hind end.



An exceptionally solid chair for office professionals and gamers alike while being relatively easy on the wallet. Could use a locking mechanism on the armrests but otherwise a flawless experience.

Design & Aesthetics9


  • Very comfortable
  • Highly Adjustable
  • Lumbar support is actually supportive
  • Holds up to multihour work stretches
  • Forces proper posture


  • Arm wrests do not lock into place laterally
  • Mostly plastic construction
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