DeepCool Gamer Storm and Ice Warrior CPU Cooler Review


Benchmark: Temperatures

Idle temperatures were taken after booting the computer and leaving it idle for about 30 minutes. The ambient temperature during testing was constant at 26 degrees Celsius.

DeepCool Gamer Storm Ice Warrior Review

As you can see, the Gamer Storm does edge out in the front but by a very small margin. That’s because both Gamer Storm and Ice Warrior are inherently similar in technical design. Interestingly, the GlacialTech F101 falls rather short in the race even though its keeping the temperatures at a decent level, while both DeepCool coolers manage to keep the temperatures slightly below the ambient temperature.

DeepCool Gamer Storm Ice Warrior Review

I’m actually running the Phenom II X3 720 a 0.25 volt above the recommended safe value and thus its producing a thermal envelope of about 150W when running at 3.6GHz. That’s a lot of heat given that my motherboard officially only supports CPUs up to 140W. All these coolers were well taxed to keep the temperatures low, and you can see that DeepCool Gamer Storm rightfully earns its status as the flagship product, but the Ice Warrior also kept close.

The GlacialTech F101 went well into the 60s at load and that’s high enough for me to reconsider using that cooler in a highly overclocked rig like this. While it can get the job done on stock temps, its not that good when it comes to high voltages and its 900RPM fan doesn’t help either.


Like I said at the beginning of the review. Most people overlook great products when it comes to CPU heatsinks and just opt to get a Noctua or a Thermaltake instead while paying a premium price for them. I also used to make the same mistake until I started paying more attention to cooler reviews, and today’s review just reaffirms my new point of view.

The DeepCool Gamer Storm and Ice Warrior have actually proven to be excellent CPU coolers at a very modest asking price. And with only about $5 separating them both, I’d suggest you scoop up the Gamer Storm for your next system build or upgrade if you want to push your system with just air cooling. And if you’re not feeling that adventurous with overclocking, then the Ice Warrior would be more than enough for you.

One thing you have to keep in mind however that both of these coolers are really tall. And that just might be a problem for you if your casing doesn’t have ample room. Of course that’s an issue with all high end coolers these days, but both the Gamer Storm and Ice Warrior happen to be among the tallest among all, and I actually had to remove my second 120mm fan on the left side of the case to install them.

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