DeepCool Gamer Storm and Ice Warrior CPU Cooler Review


Packaging and Design: Ice Warrior

Despite all the similarities, Ice Warrior doesn’t share the same elegant packaging as the Gamer Storm and perhaps that’s the only thing that shaves that extra $5 from its price tag. But that doesn’t mean that Ice Warrior has a bad packaging. The front of the box has a window in shape of an X which emphasizes the X shaped fins of the cooler inside. Compared to the Gamer Storm, the Ice Warrior’s box has more information outside including technical specifications in a multitude of languages.

DeepCool Gamer Storm Ice Warrior Review

Pulling open the box top reveals the contents stacked on top of each other with the fan, Intel and AMD accessories in separate boxes with a white padding between them and the actual cooler.

DeepCool Gamer Storm Ice Warrior Review

Speaking of which, the Ice Warrior is a large tower design, not too different from the Gamer Storm. Its slightly lighter at 1172 grams but still features 48 nickel coated aluminum fins along with six copper heat pipes soldered into a hefty copper base with a nickel coated contact below. The fins are cut out in the shape of a large X on the front and rear sides which largely for aesthetic reasons I believe, and it actually looks good. It doesn’t have mirror polishing on the top but the base is still retains the polish like the Gamer Storm for a perfect contact with the CPU package.

DeepCool Gamer Storm Ice Warrior Review

The 120mm fan that comes with the package also has anti-vibration rubber coating on its frame though it is different from Gamer Storm even if its performance is similar. It would be interesting to see which of the two fan designs turns out to be more silent when we put both the coolers through their paces.

DeepCool Gamer Storm Ice Warrior Review

And just like the Gamer Storm, the Ice Warrior also ships with just one fan in the box, but you do get wire clips for adding another rear fan if you like.

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