A new cricket game. But this time by the Pakistanis.

A game many people would have been waiting for. The first ever game developed by the Pakistanis. And not just a game, but a game that actually meets their interests. Cricket Revolution is a game developed by Mindstorm Studios, based in Lahore Pakistan. The game primariliy focuses upon multiplayer more than single player as it lives to revolutionize the cricket multiplayer. Players will be able to hold LAN and Internet matches and who knows what more. This game surely bring a lot of cricket fans together and will be quite a popular game too. But the question is. Will it succeed?


Theres nothing much to explain over here. Nothing very special since its a Sports game. But lets discuss the Batting, Bowling and A.I in depth.


Batting and bowling are of course the main aspect of a cricket game. Cricket Revolution makes sure that the player is given the choice to perform as many moves as he can to give him the freedom and fun. The more the choices the player has the better he may perform and may also like the game better since he can perform more than just the normal moves. Cricket Revolution gives the user to ability to blast that ball anywhere he wishes. From cover to the slip-field. The choice is totally rested upon the user. The huge amount of moves allowed by the game is not without challenge of course. You have to learn the moves and obviously the more the moves you know the more flexibility. But theres nothing to worry about. As most of the cricket games this one too has net practice where you can test your skills and perform all the moves until you are satisfied. The ease of control and widespread amount of moves allowed is surely a great aspect in the game.


Bowling in Cricket Revolution IMO is similiar to the ones in EA. Cricket Revolution gives you the following options combined to choose when bowling. Firstly you have the liberty to choose where you want to ball. The location is specified by a reticule that may be changed using the arrow keys. Though one thing noticed, is that the reticule keeps on moving when the arrow keys are pressed rather than just stopping after the keys are released. So you have to keep moving the arrow keys a bit to get the ball at the location you want. Then the game gives you the option to choose the Seam and the the power at which you want to ball at. When you have chosen the location you press Spacebar and it gives you a small circular track-pad looking area where the seam and power is decided. The seam level keeps going from left to right and just as you want it you have to press Spacebar and keep holding it. As u hold the Spacebar you are given the choice to choose the power at which to ball. The player leaves the Spacebar at the level of power he wants to ball at.


A.I. in Cricket Revolution is quite impressive and I was actually amazed at how nicely it responds. When balled, the A.I batsman carefully times his shot and hits. Unlike some games the batsman will not just go into a frenzy and hit the ball even when it cannot be hit. So the A.I in the game has been carefully developed and can respond well. This makes the game very challlenging as it gives the player something to look forward to. It also makes sure that the player is given a fair competion and that it makes the game more fun and interesting as it will not always be the player that will win but it may be the A.I as well.


You know, most new games dont have great graphics. Mindstorm Studios has done a great effort to make sure that the graphics are in par with the upcoming sports game. They may not be the best but they are worth it. The graphics are quite good,details can be understood and textures can be seen. Detailed review on the graphics may have to wait since the demo version does not give something very special to write upon. It only gives you of how its going to look. The stadium, the crowd, the grass and the enviroment are still yet unseen and will only be known when the full version game will be announced.


As far as the game has been unfolded, it looks fascinating. The user has been given a variety of choices which make the game even more fun to play since he has plenty of choices. The graphics are good also so you dont have to worry about only the gameplay being good. The A.I really stands out and makes the game challenging and fun. Bowling is pretty easy and so is batting. As far as the demo goes everything is quite great and I am pretty sure that the full version game will be no less. So I can without hesitation say that when the full version game comes out, you can buy with the game without worries as it only holds challenges and fun.

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