When I received this ram I felt how Jack Woolams felt when he was asked to test fly XS-1(first supersonic jet)... a five years old.  It is something that pushes the outside of the envelope, something that is ahead of its time, so ahead that hardware to support it hasn't even been invented yet! So needless to say I was very happy when I received Chaintech's Apogee GT Blazer 2400MHz Ram. I was not only excited but also skeptical of this product. I had heard of many companies claiming to go supersonic before. Companies like OCZ whose rams were impossibly unstable. Hence, I had more  reasons to doubt this product than to cherish it.

This called for a history lesson, Chaintech's History. Chaintech was founded in 1986, a year after I was born, and since then has been busy making motherboards and graphic cards. It wasn't until 2005 that they entered the realm of making memory modules. And 2006 saw the debut of Apogee ram, Chaintech's premiere ram. Since then, Apogee has been the symbol of Chaintech's best.


Apogee GT Blazer series ram comes in a very flattering packing, most flattering. One look at the box is enough to make you feel special. In this day and age, where everyone is try to recycle and reduce their carbon footprint, when companies are struggling to make profits at the expense of customer care, this was a sight for sore eyes. While Kingston and corsair pack their rams in a plastic cover, same as the cheap torch or toy cover. Apogee comes in an elegant box that upon opening reveals an elegant antistatic solution. A compartment lined with velvet. Personally, I admire this, shows that the customer is important to them. You just feel good buying this ram.

Well, enough with the poetry and now to some plain description.

The box includes:

2 memory modules
Heat sinks
4 Screws and screwdriver
thermal grease for single application
quick instruction guide

The box on the outside at the back has the illustration of how the ram should be fitted with the heat sinks.


The ram module is black in color, Heavier and taller than my XMS3 ram. In fact about 3mm taller, making it impossible to install with my current cooler. That forced to use the upper two dimms, which were away from the cooler. These bigger heat sinks should ensure cooler operating temperatures.

Heat sinks

It has 280fins can work with 4 modules of memory. The only trouble is that if your motherboard configuration place this near you r CPU it will definitely interfere with your CPU cooler. Installation is very easy and will make a difference of up to 50% in your cooling.

Thermal grease

Thermal grease come in a clear packing and is good quality. It comes in a bag rather than a tube so be careful when applying it.


Installation is simple. The additional heat sink may be mounted by applying the thermal grease onto the upper part of the module and then tightening the screws in.




    o Core i7 920
    o Intel DX58SO extreme edition
    o Cooler master Stacker 830 with 750W PSU


    o Everest Ultimate Edition 5.50
    Red Alert 3
    Modern Warfare 2


It was very tricky to overclock this ram due to multiple reasons. One there were no settings given as to how to go about overclockling it. No timings, voltages or any help was available anywhere. Neither in the box nor on the website. That made testing it difficult. Had to tamper for hours with the setting but finally got it working and there are no XMP available for it. Therefore, a word of caution here, this is not for weak hearted (novices). Every setting had to be entered manually and that is tricky.
The ram was tested at 1333MHz, 1600 MHz and 1922 MHz at both CL7 and CL9. Beyond this, the ram would not remain stable and crashed. I personally blame the motherboard as it was designed to support up to 2000 MHz.

The testing showed a difference of 2593Mb/s, 3086MB/s and 3118MB/s for Copy Write and read respectively between 1333CL7 and 1922CL9.

These were the only tangible differences noted during testing. There was a difference of 3fps when playing RTS Red alert 3 and 4fps when playing Modern Warefare 2.


Good build quality
Elegant packaging
Premium cooling solution included

There are a few things that need to be talked about. Like how this ram only makes sense if you have an extremely high end system and if you are a enthusiast overclocker. Because as we all know you would have to overclock the CPU as you overclock the ram. That brings us to the second point. There is no motherboard out there that can support it all the way to 2400MHz. Even the best of the best support till 2200 MHz. That means even if you buy it you can not max it out. Its like buying a Sports car with the limiter on it. That is not all. Third, no XMPs means you have to do everything the old fashion way. There are no guides or support that will help you overclock it but it should not be a problem for buyer its targeted at.


I would buy this ram in a heartbeat. Not just for the speed, but for the build quality. The way that the heatsinks are better and have greater area for heat exchange it will prove to be stable and long lasting. I can't wait for it to become available here.

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