Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is a highly awaited First Person Shooter from the developer Infinity Ward and published by Activision. The game was officially announced on the 11th of February 2009. And was released on the 10th November world wide, as it was a global release date. It is the sixth installment in the COD (Call of Duty) series and is a sequel to the very famous COD 4: Modern Warfare, which was highly appreciated for its multiplayer and amazing gameplay and storyline. This game continues the story. The game was predicted to sell at such an emmense rate that it was supposed to be the biggest launch ever. And the predictions were made true when the game sold 4.7 million units in both US and UK in its first 24 hours compared to 3.7 million made by GTA IV on its first day.

First Impressions

I had decided to buy the game actually when I heard of it. The first game had left quite a convicing impression on me, that the game was fabulous. Since this was its sequel, I expected no less of it. And neither did it turn out. The game takes a 11 GB chunk of your hard drive, so its better if your ready before getting it. Once the game is installed its all good. The icon is quite simple but I expected a much better one, honestly. But its the games inside that make it all worth while. Right?. The opening is as usual presented by the developer and publishers video. The start menu of the game consists of three boxes. One for the Spec-Ops, one for the Single Player and the last one for its Multiplayer. You have to start a mission or so to get to the menu where you may configure its graphic settings and other settings. Once there you can start the Camapaign or Spec-Ops, whatever you chose.


MW2: Modern Warfare 2
COD: Call of Duty


In this review we will review the three main gameplay types in the game. First its Single, second its Spec-Ops or Cooperative Play and last but not least its Multiplayer. The game itself has nothing very special in it, since some things that are in this game were also in the last game (COD 4), things like Last Stand and so. They were all present in the prequal so its nothing new. What is new will be discussed in the 3 main gameplay types.

Single Player

MW2's Single player focuses upon 2 characters that keep switching after turns. So you play one level with one character and the other with the other. Since the game is FPS its just as same as the other FPS game. Take control of the character and his gun and do your objective. The game does not have an open environment so you will have to stick with the place that is available which is sufficient enough IMO. The game takes you on a marvellous story, in which you not only travel on foot, but there are missions where you drive a vehicle while at the same time kill enemies. Sounds fun and whacky doesn it?. Well the fun doesnt end there. There are missions where you can pick up objects ranging from enemy guns to Riot Shield, to save yourself from the volley of bullets heading your way. But the same goes for the enemy too. There was a controversy against one of the mission of COD4. An early mission I must say. It received harsh criticism because it has elements of non-humanly things. The mission truely was something shocking, but IMO it was a turning point of the game. Without that mission, the games story might not have developed so nicely as it has. Though, let me assure you one thing that when you first start the game you are given the choice to skip the level and you can change that option from the option menu.


When you finish the Campaign (Single player) you can test your skills in the Spec-Op mode. The mode is just for fun where you may play Single or co-operative games with your friends. These are small missions that require you to do a specific task. Like for example: you have to kill 50 enemies in one life, or you have to sneak from one point to another without being detected. These missions are categeorized according to their difficulties. These missions put the skills to the test so they are quite challenging and fun. There are some missions which are intended to be played with another player. For example: there is a missions in which 1 player controls the Aerial bombing drone and the other player has to do all the objectives on the ground. So the 1st player has to support the 2nd from the air. This new addition to the game is really interesting and fun to do.


The multiplayer requires you to have a Steam account and to be logged into it. The multiplayer after that is same as all. It has most of the features of the Single player, instead of A.I controlled enemies you now fight with real people. One thing that I got disappointed by was that it did not support the feature to create dedicated server. By not giving a choice to make a dedicated server, you have to play the game on the servers that have been created. A little sad for multiplayer users.


The games graphic were mind-blowing. A main element in an action and FPS game are its graphics. Without that, somehow that fun is lost. But MW2 didnt lose any of those factors. Giving the users a applausing gameplay and stunning graphics it does its great in every line. With a well balanced lightning system, the game does good not only in outside enviornments but also in dark corridors. The textures and patterns are clearly visible and some objects like the sand and the fog looks really amazing. It really gives the game a great touch. The blood in the game looks nicely portrayed. The water reflection is amazing and so is the smoke and other such ballistic effects.


The game was long awaited and its wait for worth it. The game not only gives a wonderful storyline to go through which is not only interesting but also challenging, but it also gives you great graphics. The Spec-Ops is a really valuable addition to the game and is nicely made, so that it keeps the player absorbed into the game. The graphics are quite breath taking and so really make the player want to play more, as it holds a certain attraction which attracts the player into playing the game more and more. The multiplayer is always a good option when your done with the Campaign and the Spec-Ops, but the option of making dedicated server is not present which is a bit of a con of its multiplayer. The final conclusion: if you played Modern Warfare and liked it, MW2 is a definetly play for you. And for those who havnt you are also welcome to play this game as I assure you, it will be a new and amazing experience for you.


Here are some screenshots to fill your viewing pleasure:

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