We've got a great pair of earphones for review today. It lasts longer and is designed for fitness conscious users. The Baseus Encok S17 is up for $26 at Amazon, and the pair is worth the price. Earpods and earphones are a new market that's developed within the wearables segment. They've allowed manufacturers to deliver great sound quality to users without the need to be connected physically to any gadget, be it a notebook or smartphone. Their market has products with prices north of $200, to today's $26 exercise earphones.

Baseus is a young company that came into being in 2011. It is based in Hong Kong and manufactures consumer, communication and computing products. The company's products are MFi certified, and the S17 is CE certified. It is manufactured out of safe materials as per the European Union's ROHS certification. However, the Baseus Encok S17 isn't certified by the FCC.

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Baseus Encok S17 Have A 12mm Moving Coil Unit, 50mAh Battery Per Earbud, Bluetooth 5 Support And An Impressive Range

The Encok S17 is made of plastic and has rubber ear hooks for its earbuds. The hooks (dubbed 'anti-lose' in Baseus' presentation slides) protrude out of the earbuds' main body. Enock S17's earbuds aren't true wireless, as there's a connecting wire linking them. The pair is comfortable to wear, as it loosely fits in the ear. Without the hooks (manufactured of soft silica) however, the S17 will not stay securely fastened to the user's ears.

The earbuds are also advertised as noise-canceling. However, this isn't true, as the S17 does not effectively block external sound from entering the ear. This is partly due to Baseus' limitation of working with plastic which doesn't allow much room for ergonomics. It's also due to a short eartip insufficient to plug the ear canal. To make up for this, the S17 has excellent battery life. The pair will last you 6-9 hours, depending on pause frequency, playback volume and whether you use it for video/cellular calls. Baseus claims that the S17's battery can last a 150 song playlist.

The big win on the S17 is Bluetooth 5 support. While Baseus' stated range of 10m falls within Bluetooth 4's parameters, the S17 go further than this, as demonstrated by their performance during testing. However, as you increase this range, the connection starts to drop and reconnect frequently.

The Encok S17's ear hooks are quite distinctive.

Baseus' Encok S17 Have Modest Sound Quality  With Satisfactory Performance During Calls And Video Chat

Moving towards sound quality, the Baseus S17 won't satisfy audiophiles. However, they won't disappoint anyone needing a reliable pair of earbuds with sufficient differentiation between bass and treble either. The S17 won't cause any hearing damage if you use them at low volumes, and the buds are compatible with all devices.

The wire that connects both earbuds has the microphone, volume control, power buttons and USB-A charging port all present inside a plastic housing. This housing isn't placed ergonomically, and it's a chore to find the right buttons without having to pull the chord in line with the eye. For future revisions of the S17, Baseus needs to figure out a smart way of placing the S17's various controls.

However, manufacturing constraints at this budget will challenge the company should it attempt to redesign the control housing. Baseus could start by placing a small marking pimple in the center of the S17's power/pause button. You can pause/play music by pressing the center button once, and holding it longer allows the Encok S17 to pair/unpair with a device. Pairing is relatively stable, and the S17 connects automatically to devices that have its profile saved once turned on and in range.

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The button housing on the Encok S17 isn't ergonomic.

Baseus Encok S17 Wireless Earbuds Offer Great Value For Money, Longlasting Battery Life, But Intervals Of Frequent Connection Drops Hamper A Smooth Experience

Another great feature of the S17 is its IPX5 certification. The Ingress Protection rating for waterproofing means that the S17 can withstand high-pressure sprays of water. In other words, the S17 can be washed, but you'll have to ensure that water does not go inside its control button housing mentioned above. While Baseus' 'noise isolation' sealing doesn't let water get inside the earbuds, the housing isn't that lucky.

Finally, both earbuds have a magnet placed inside their outer area, that has a red circle in the image above. This small addition allows them to securely latch on to each other, and it ensures that carrying the Encok S17 around doesn't result in the connecting wire getting tangled with the earbuds. As we mentioned at the start of this post, at this price point, the S17 are surprisingly reliable and durable with only minor inconveniences.

Baseus shipped us two units for review, in Black and White color options. Wccftech has not received any material compensation for reviewing the Baseus Encok S17, and customs duty for the units was paid by us. Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned. We'll keep you updated on the latest.

Wccftech Rating

A great pair of earbuds that offer excellent battery life, connection range and durability. Yet, they allow easy signal interference and have a delicately designed button housing.

  • Battery Life.
  • Range.
  • Durability, IPX5 rating.
  • Price.
  • Frequent connection interference.
  • Thoughtlessly placed button housing.

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