There are those of us who want music and louder audio experience with external speakers and while many options are available that can help consumers choose the Avantree Pluto air is one of the better choices, seamless audio with Bluetooth audio playback, even more effective with a 3.5" mm audio cable attached this thing is perfect if you are looking for a speaker with (or no) strings attached you should definitely have a look at this beauty!

 Best of both worlds? Avantree delivers yet again.

The avantree Pluto air is a fantastic Bluetooth / 3.5" mm audio jack compatible play back device, whether you are looking to use it as your wireless speaker or to enchace the audio output of your laptop or even your iPad this device will not fail to satisfy your needs.

As always this is yet another avantree product which is small, easy to setup and comes bearing many great features, the speaker even comes with a very neat and well designed carrying case of its own, and it even comes with its own 3.5" mm audio jack so you don't have to worry about buying one or finding one to test this out at the time of unpacking or purchase.

I again used this as with my iPod Touch 4G / iPad 2 but I also decided to take advantage of it and use it with my laptop too for movies and music listening. Now unlike the Sacool the Bluetooth audio playback was seamless and never was there a single problem where as the sacool had this dirty habit of dropping the audio every few seconds at random periods of time. But the audio play back on wired and wireless was absolutely flawless with no interruption what so ever! The audio quality is also very impressive but of course for optimal experience I had to tinker with my equalizer settings in my iPod touch / iPad for better results but even on stock this beauty had some great audio play  back quality .

The size of this made sure it wouldn't be a bother to carry, and with the inclusion of its own carrying case I didn't have to worry about buying one from the market as the stock carrying case was very well done and had a soft yet elegant finish.

The speaker doesn't need a change of battery as much as it just needs a USB 2.0 port to connect to and only a little close to a couple of hours of charging to keep you rolling for the next 5-6 hours. This is especially useful to people like me who don't have an auxiliary port in my car deck and I have to listen to the radio to entertain myself. If you have a cup holder near your car handbrake or the gear box this thing fits in easily and with the combination of an iPod touch you can make car rides ever more so enjoyable!

All in all I loved this device! The only real problem I had with this was the gloss finish of the speaker makes this easy to stain especially with sweaty hands or if you have any thing on your hands like grease or dirt and you unknowingly touch it. While the gloss finish is just as easy to clean as it is to ruin its still annoying to clean and you will have to watch how you touch this especially if you plan on keeping it white and shiny. With superb audio playback on wired and wireless this is an amazon device to buy for someone who is looking for a versatile speaker which is also very portable.

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