The Avantree Handisync is a peripheral that aims to target addicted smart phone users who tend to forget their USB charging cable elsewhere just when they need to charge their phones. the beauty of this peripheral is that it's small enough and can even be attached to a key chain / ring so you’d not misplace it by chance. At the start it sticks out like a soar thumb but eventually you won't even notice it.

The peripheral is made to tailor to the needs of laptop owners so if you don't own a laptop then I’m afraid this isn’t much of use to you. The USB cable, on the other hand, is short enough to reach your phone with ease but not long enough to let you use the phone while its charging while you could do the latter I would recommend against it as it becomes annoying really fast until you eventually give in and let the phone be.

Please Excuse the Image Quality, this was taken by an iPod Touch 4G But should deliver the message : )

I have to say that the build quality of the device is quiet strong and definitely durable, so even if you are clumsy with your keys you never have to worry about damaging the USB port or the mini USB port because both are safely tucked away on the inside of the peripheral which opens up like a clam shell as you can see in the picture below.

The peripheral is very handy to the business man, more of the tech savvy smart phone addict on the move both of whom are likely to be always carrying around laptops with them and hence never away from  a laptop USB port. Sadly, the design restricts the peripheral from being used with a PC or any other device with a USB port which isn't close to a flat surface like a laptop, netbook or even an ultrabook.

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