In this age of communication and ever changing technology needs, one needs to keep up with health and fitness as well. Hitting the gym does mean disconnecting from everyone else on your phone list for sometime but with the variety of hands-free head sets enable us to not only keep our phone alive with us but also lets us enjoy music on it as well while we shed those extra pounds.


Wireless stereo headsets have been in the market for quiet sometime now but not many have been able to capture the audience like the one we are reviewing today.

Avantalk, a company specializing in BT technology and products has come up with a creative design combined with latest A2DP technology in their Jogger series of BT headsets. This headset is aimed towards not only avid health buffs but also doubles as an everyday stereo head phone and hands free for anyone who enjoys listening to music on the go. Additionally, Avantalk Jogger is a smart device with connectivity options with your laptop's BT connection and becomes your communication device for voice chat using MSN, Yahoo! Messenger or even Skype.

Primarily being positioned as water/sweat resistant headset, Jogger has an edge over the competitive products in health and fitness genre.



First Thoughts:

The headset comes in a box with front opening face exposing the headset through clear plastic packing. The contents of the box are generally standard with:

  • Avantalk Jogger stereo headset
  • USB charging cable
  • Carry bag
  • User manual
  • Extra Latex Ear plugs
  • Warranty card

The construction and design of Jogger is attractive. With a behind the ear / head design, it fits perfectly into the ear to provide clear sound of your voice chat or music. The control buttons are situated on the either sides of the ear phones. The right side of the headset has Multi Function Button (MFB) along with forward and backward buttons for music and call control. On the left side standard volume buttons are present. The Mic is situated in the inner side of the right ear piece to be closer to your jaw bone for clear voice output.


The weight of Avantalk Jogger is merely 25gm, which is one of the lightest BT headsets availble in the market right now.


Pairing the BT headset was not difficult at all as the provided user manual outlines every detail perfectly. Once paired, the BT headset gives you a great functionality of switching calls between the headset and your phone with just a touch of MFB.

The only downside I could see in connectivity is that due

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