Avantalk has always made some superb Bluetooth devices for various purposes but this time they have catered to the needs of music fans and headphone users with their latest product aimed at delivering wireless communication using Bluetooth so that audio communicated from one device can be transmitted to an audio output device such as speakers and the device only needs to be connected via a 3.5mm audio jack and a commonly compatible speaker for it to be ready to deliver output.

The device itself is very durable and small and has a fairly great build quality and it feels good to hold in your hands it's small enough to allow easy portability without having to inconvenience yourself on space, whether the device is in your pocket, back pack or even the glove compartment of your car the device will easily survive being tossed around and even small falls.

The packing was simple and easy to get into, the box was small and easy to open and there wasn't much in the packaging anyway. Among the contents of the box were; device itself, warranty information, user manual, charging cable and a complimentary 3.5mm Audio cable.

Connection was simple and straightforward, I was able to connect the device via Bluetooth to my HTC Radar and my iPod Touch 4G with little to no hassle the first time and the result of music playback from both devices was equally satisfying, while the audio quality sounded the same to me if I were to play ot via a direct connection using a 3.5mm audio jack I am sure a music aficionado would be able to pick up all the flaws in the sound quality but for a music fan (casual) such as my self this wasn't much of a bother to me and it was worth the pay off of having me get up from my console to change a track when I can now rest my phone on my table next to me and change the songs on the fly without having to leave my seat not to mention switching tracks back and forth and putting a random song from the songs list on was seamless, there was little to even no delay between me pressing the touch screen on my device and the song playing on my speakers far from me only moments later for me this is a blessing in disguise as I always hate having to get up and change songs while playing my PC / PS3 or even just relaxing on the sofa.

The battery life of the device lasts a hefty 4 - 5 hours on a full charge, this is an ideal uptime for people (like me) who are lazy when it comes to changing a track playing and don't want to have to get up and change the song currently playing. This is an ideal device for people like me who just want to play music at their will without having to leave their gaming throne often and can just have the device playing the songs lie close to you.

All in all I was  very impressed with this device and look forward to utilizing in the future on long car rides and while gaming.

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