Asus 580GTX Voltage Tweak Edition Review

Ali Tayyab
Jul 3, 2011

Based on the GF110 revision of Fermi architecture, the GTX 580 represents the most powerful single GPU video card from Nvidia. Asus has taken the reference model and added the ability to tweak its core voltage (via its own propriety Smart Doctor Software). The clocks out of the box are roughly those of the reference design (782 MHz for core as compared to 772 for reference, memory runs at stock speed). WCCFTech has already had a detailed look at the 580 in its review of MSI’s N580 GTX Today we’ll be looking at the performance benefits offered by the Asus card.


The video card comes in a standard cardboard box with the usual Asus theme for 5 series Nvidia cards. The Voltage Tweak logo differentiates this from the stock design. Inside the card lies in a black box, surrounded by black protective foam.

A small cardboard box contains the usual accessories including power cable, software disk and DVI to VGA converter.

The video card itself is a mirror image of a reference design. Asus uses the stock cooler on this model. The ports and connectors come with protective covers, a nice (though a cosmetic) touch!

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