Arctic P402 Headphones Review


Whatever we do, where ever we go; we will always have sound there to add feel to something we would see. But that feel too comes at a price. Not with the guys here back at ARCTIC. Meet the ARCTIC P402 headphones.


Starting off, these headphones have been originally designed for use with smart phones and tablets rather than high end PCs having 7.1 channel audio cards.

The P402 seems to have a fairly straight off design; the exterior has a disc on each end with ARCTIC’s logo embossed on it with 3 distinctive stealth like cuts at cut at a gap of 120 degrees each.

Besides that, the headphone is very flexible which is quite a big plus point considering not all of us has the same head (in terms of size off course). But I also noted something here is the general feel of the headset. Sure they have been designed for use with portable mobile gadgets and are extremely comfortable (so comfortable to an extent that they actually remind me of chocolate), the downside is that when you’re paying $39.99 for a headset, we expect something to feel something solid and sturdy if not so good looking but it’s the opposite here.

The headphones come with an in line microphone in the shape of a small rectangle in between the audio wire that is close and yet distant enough for an ease in communication without any distortion rather it would had been caused by the microphone’s placement being much more nearer to one’s own mouth.

The cord in length is overall 1.2 metres so having your handheld device in your hand and the headphones on your head wouldn’t be a problem when walking around or as such.

Furthermore, the headset comes with a 3.5 mm jack for its existing 3.5 mm jack that is basically for all those phones and tablets that by default do not support the jack configuration that comes standard with the P402. Out of the box, these headphones work with all HTC, Samsung, and Apple handsets.


Being an audiophile and a sound design myself, I take the feel in all kinds of audio very seriously. And from that point of view, I can assure you when the headphones are on, you would get every bang for the buck.

The bass sound is very good for a headset designed for use with smartphones and tablets and is able to give you every beat without any feeling of flatness in the rhythms all over. I can easily put this up against my Monster Beats Solo by Dr. Dre headset and give it a run for its money. It’s that good!

Even if you crank up the volume to the absolute limit, it still doesn’t make the sound come out distorted or like something out of a blown out speaker thanks to the audio drivers used by ARCTIC.


ARCTIC has done an amazing job in terms of sound delivery with the P402 as it is easily able to complete with the likes of Dr.Dre headsets yet it tends to lack a bit in the design compartment of it having a more solid feel rather than just something flimsy.

So for $39.99 or less, you got yourself something that is able to stand out in the crowd, that too in a budget friendly price range.

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