Rescale Announces Sustainable Computing for Net-Zero Carbon Footprint With New “Responsible Compute” Data Center Initiative in Iceland

Rescale Announces Sustainable Computing for Net-Zero Carbon Footprint With New “Responsible Compute” Data Center Initiative in Iceland

Rescale recently revealed an initiative based on sustainability to run huge computing workloads, and utilize this at a brand-new Responsible Compute data center near the Arctic Circle in Iceland. This new initiative will be powered by hydroelectricity. Rescale is a leader in high-performance computing built for the cloud to speed up engineering creation and ideas. With the assistance of the Responsible Compute infrastructure, Rescale plans to provide consumers unparalleled admission to carbon-neutral computing.

Rescale reveals sustainable computing, offering a net-zero carbon footprint with the new “Responsible Compute” data center in Iceland

Data center computing yields two percent of greenhouse gas emissions globally, compared with the airline industry, and is anticipated to surpass three percent by 2025. In engineering and science, one researcher’s carbon footprint for computing can exceed that for all combined work activities, including travel. Guiding associations are vigorously examining ways to enhance their carbon footprint stance.

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We aim to provide a truly sustainable solution with class-leading carbon reporting based on standardized methods of calculation. This allows our customers to reduce their carbon footprint, evaluate their emissions evolution and take appropriate steps to further their journey towards carbon neutrality.

— Kristjan Hafsteinsson, Managing Director, Responsible Compute.

Responsible Compute is a collaborative venture by Nordic IT solutions provider Origo and the Borealis Data Center. Responsible Compute delivers carbon-free solutions, market-leading emissions reporting, and a world-class implementation. The experience provides HPC infrastructure in the Borealis Data Center in northern Iceland, running on 100% renewable energy and environmentally friendly free cooling.

As the importance of computation in modern R&D and engineering increases, businesses are looking for new ways to improve operational efficiency, decrease environmental impact, and provide accurate reporting of carbon footprint and sustainability metrics. We expect to see continued growth in demand for sustainable computing solutions. Rescale will continue to give customers the tools to optimize the cost and performance of their applications in the cloud, now with the added capability of optimizing for an environmentally sustainable future.

— Joris Poort, CEO and Founder, Rescale.

Rescale is dedicated to sustainability with its corporate mission to increase innovation through computational engineering and science. Rescale’s intelligent automation allows engineers to benefit from the latest advances in chip technologies and interconnects a catalog of over one-thousand pre-integrated HPC applications for users running the most challenging workloads on-premises and on leading public clouds.

Users utilize Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Oracle Cloud, and more. Rescale’s inclusion with the Responsible Compute infrastructure provides new opportunities for companies to complete environmental sustainability objectives in their computational science and engineering efforts.

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