Razer’s Turret Keyboard and Mouse Duo is an Essential that All TV Gamers Must Have

Zarmeen Shahzad

Xbox and PlayStations are just two of the gaming options that you have for your television. It is thrilling, unique and it’s something we all love. PC gaming, however, provides us with an entirely new dimension. Nothing beats the conventional keyboard and mouse gaming and all crazy gamers out there understand what I am talking about.

So, something exciting is waiting for us out there to get our hands on. Razer, the PC gaming product manufacturing company has just come up with a keyboard and mouse combination, called the ‘Turret’. This setup comes with a wireless and Bluetooth, 2.4 Ghz mouse and a keyboard that has a charging dock. It just end here, there are still more features that you might like. The charging dock is home to both these devices when they aren’t in use. The keyboard also has a fold-able mouse pad that has a specially designed surface that can work well with the gaming features of the turret mouse.

Superb for TV Gaming with a long lasting battery life

Most players prefer gamepads when it comes to TV gaming but I guarantee that this turret set is bound to change your mind. Using this set is very comfortable and it comes with high quality features and components. This device is specially designed while putting it on your lap. No need to look for tables and correct positions just put the turret on your lap and you’re good to go. Using this Turret, I realized that my arms are always at a very comfortable position and using the normal gaming keys, WASD is easier than ever. The design of the Turret is so, that my body naturally finds an ergonomic position. Well done to the designers who came up with this design. It is superb.


From personal use, I can tell that the turret has a good battery life. Since its wireless, it needs a battery source but don’t worry. I had a good gaming session for 6 days and still the battery didn’t die. So, get yourself a turret set gamers, what are you waiting for? A well working dock, what more do you want? If you need a break, just pop the mouse and the keyboard in the dock and you will always have full power when you begin again.

Any catches?

Well, these may be some very exciting things about the turret, but it also has a few limitations. The mouse of the turret works superbly on the built-in pad but that’s just it. The gliding plastic material of the mouse gives it more frictional capacity that most other surfaces. So you just can’t use the mouse on any other surface. Another problem caused by the gliding material is that it seems to attract a lot of dust particles. It gets pretty annoying if you’re a clean freak.

So if you aren’t much concerned about the dust and don’t plan on changing to a new mouse pad, then the turret is perfect for you. It’s comfortable to use, has a good battery life and is designed for gamers who just live for gaming. You can use it as a desktop wireless keyboard and mouse set aswell, just don’t change the mouse pad or if you do find a mouse pad that works well with the turret mouse, do tell me as well.


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