Rainbow Six Siege Beta Gameplay Only Has Small Moments of Excitement


The beta for Rainbow Six Siege is well underway, and it's certainly not without it's share of problems. We tried playing it over the past holiday weekend and ended up having more issues than enjoyment. But we were able to connect to the servers without issues on a number of occasions, and want to know how the game plays? Take a look.

Rainbow Six Siege is almost the perfect tactical simulator, complete with value-added boredom.

Certainly the problems will be a sticking point for many potential players, with connection issues and even loading issues being rampart. Frustrated individuals disconnecting at the first sign of too long a wait compounds the problem as well. Once in a server and actually playing the game certainly does take on a flavor that's all its own and not really directly comparable to many games in existence.

The playground in Rainbow Six Siege does consist of most of the house, though there are some areas blocked completely from destruction even if they would be perfect entry points to where your enemies are hiding. Gunplay is fast, when it happens, and it's vicious.

But being a small map and with very small teams the moments of action are few and far between, and the rounds desperately short. If the terrorist team in the VS mode uses a smart tactic, there'll also be a lot of waiting in-between. That also inevitably leads to frustration as "camping" is rarely a fun tactic for the opposing team no matter how sensible it actually is when defending a given point.

But if you're willing to play tactically and really play with your team, it can be very rewarding despite the lulls in action. Unfortunately I feel it's going to be one of those games that, while initially novel and great, will succumb to the fact that there is only so much variety to be had with destruction. It's great being able to use the environment in such a way, but in the end the variety might not necessarily be there for everyone to be kept interested.

The minor connection and server bugs are expected to be ironed out before release and graphically it's mostly very stable. No other issues were encountered during our matches. We'd, of course, appreciate any feedback on how everyone else enjoys it and what issues you're experiencing so far.