Rainbow Six: Siege Beta, Here’s Everything You Need To Know


The Rainbow Six: Siege beta event is about to begin and here's all the information you need to know about it.

First of all, if you participated in our beta giveaway, please check your inbox (including the spam folder): the 50 winners should have already received their Rainbow Six: Siege beta code by now.

Follow these instructions in order to redeem your code:

  • Go to http://rainbow6.ubi.com/siege/en-gb/beta/index.aspx
  • Select your platform of choice
  • Click “NEXT” to log in to Uplay, or create a Uplay account
  • Enter your unique Access Code you got from us
  • Once confirmation is received, Ubisoft will contact you with your access instructions for your platform of choice when the Closed Beta starts

In terms of content available in the Rainbow Six: Siege beta, here's what you can expect.

Three maps (House, Hereford base and Consulate) are in, each one with their day & night variations. The available multiplayer modes are also three, with two of them being PvP (Bomb and Secure Area) while the PvE one is Terrohunt classic, which also offers three difficulty levels to choose from.

You can even get a taste of the game's progression in terms of unlocking stuff like operators and weapons. In terms of loadout, 34 weapons will be in the beta, 7 generic gadgets, 14 unique ones and 9 attachments.

The Rainbow Six: Siege beta begins on September 24; time is still unconfirmed, although it could be 10AM EST. There won't be any NDA, so you're free to talk about it and capture footage/screenshots. Happy breaching!