PNY is Offering Crazy Discounts on its PRO Elite microSD Cards in 256GB and 512GB Capacities


You can pick up a professional grade microSD card that can handle 4K UHD video like a piece of cake at insanely low prices from PNY today.

We're back with more deals on microSD cards and this time from PNY. These cards are from the company's PRO Elite lineup, and as the name suggests, these are lightning fast. So fast in fact that you can expect speeds up to 100MB/s on the read end and 90MB/s on the write front. These cards are rated Class 10, U3 and V30 for insane levels of performance.

Superior performance - up to 100MB/s read speed and up to 90MB/s write speed
Class 10, U3, V30 performance for the most intense applications including 4K Ultra HD video and burst mode shooting
Rated A2 for faster app performance and to run apps directly from PNY Pro elite Micro SD card
Ideal for use with action cameras, drones, smartphones, tablets, gaming and more
Includes SD adapter for compatibility with SDHC/SDXC host devices.Waterproof

The microSD cards in question are available in multiple capacities - 256GB and 512GB. That sort of storage is more than enough if you are planning to toss one of these cards inside a drone or a camera. In fact, if you're asking me, these cards are perfect for use in something like a high-end smartphone like the Galaxy S10, which records 4K video in HDR on the fly. With this card around, you don't have to worry about running out of storage or even encounter any sort of slow-down at all. You'll even experience insanely fast app performance, something which can't be said about other competing cards on the market.

Things are topped off with the fact that both cards ship with an SD card adapter. This means that you can adapt the card for use inside a DSLR too, if you are planning to live dangerously.

Head over to the links below and pick up the deal of your choice before they return to their normal prices.

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