PlayStation 4 Emulator GPCS4 Can Already Boot a Commercial Game

PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 emulation is still in its infancy, as all the emulators that are known to be in the works are at a very early stage of development. One of them, however, managed to reach an important milestone which bodes well for future development.

GPCS4 is now at a stage where it can boot a commercial game, We Are Doomed. While the game is not an exactly demanding title, the fact that it boots and runs is impressive, given the emulator has been in the works for a short amount of time. Sadly, the game is not exactly playable, as it runs at very low FPS, so it will be a while until we will be able to enjoy PlayStation 4 games on PC.

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First commercial game support, We are Doomed. Thanks to our developers. It's not playable now, since the FPS is very low, because there's no optimization at all currently.

GPCS4 will recompile all shaders, untiling all textures and upload all buffers every frame, making it less efficient.

Besides, there're still some problems with game pad emulation.

Will improve these things step by step.

The GPCS4 development team also revealed a development roadmap, which includes improvements for graphics, hardware emulation, and system.


    • Gnm reverse engineering

      Parsing PM4 command buffers and some other formats to recover the original Gnm calls.
      Still a lot of work.

    • Vulkan backend

      Translate Gnm calls into vulkan calls. Far from complete.

    • Shader recompiler

      Translate GCN bytecode into Spir-V bytecode. Far from complete.


    • Audio

      Just begin.

    • Gamepad

      Basic implementation.


    • Dynamic linker

      TLS support is not complete yet, maybe some other initialization functions either.

    • System resource management, ie. Thread, virtual memory, synchronize object, file, clock.

      For functions which don not require system resource (ie. math functions),
      we'll use the system libraries directly.
      For others, we implement those one by one.


More information on the GPCS4 emulator can be found in GitHub.

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