World’s First ‘Performance Enhancing Gaming Glove’ Funded on Kickstarter

Alessio Palumbo

As gaming becomes increasingly mainstream through the younger generations, entirely new lines of accessories are being designed and produced for this ever-growing audience.

The latest one is the Flashe Gaming Glove, which according to the makers will enhance your gaming performance on PC. It will also reduce your potential for injuries and increase your comfort while generally using a mouse. Oskar "Dodde" Ödmark came with the original concept, after suffering a shoulder injury in 2014. Being a mechanical engineer, he eventually came up with a solution that has been patented in Sweden earlier this year.

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The Flashe gaming glove is now on a Kickstarter campaign for crowdfunding. With thirteen days to go, it already got over four times the minimum goal. The estimated delivery for backers is February 2019.

Introducing The Flashe Gaming Glove - Four Key Components To Improve Your Performance

Gaming Sleeve

The Flashe Gaming Glove always come with a standard Gaming Sleeve. 

Compression sleeves have been used for a long time in many sports. The reason for this is that studies show that compression sleeves help with blood circulation, body temperature, reduced muscle stress and faster recovery. Better blood circulation and body temperature means that you can perform at your peak more frequently, and for longer periods of time; and reduced muscle stress and faster recovery means that you can have a long and healthy gaming career.

Flashe Gaming Group have developed Gaming Sleeves to improve longevity in gaming, and to increase performance. With all the benefits that the Flashe Gaming Sleeve provides, we believe that our gaming sleeve will be a key component to Esports and the every day gamer. 

Design Gaming Sleeve
Design Gaming Sleeve

Design Gaming Sleeve - Better Quality and Beautiful Design

The Flashe Gaming Glove always come with a standard black Gaming Sleeve. However, if you want to really stand out, with better quality and beautiful design, then the Design Gaming Sleeve is something for you.

The Design Gaming Sleeve is made of polyester, which is the superior fiber when it comes to compression in general. The extra benefits of this fiber includes; better breathability, ability to regulate moisture, sweat wicking capabilities and extra comfort. The standard Gaming Sleeve is made of nylon, which also is a great material for compression sleeves, but not as good as the polyester fiber.

Engineered and designed in Sweden, we have developed four different Design Gaming Sleeves to match all the different colours of the Gaming Glove. 

Reduced Friction For Faster and Easier Movement

It's been known for a long time in the gaming community that the discomfort you encounter with your underarm and wrist against the mousepad is a big problem. Many people in their early 20's suffer from injuries related to using a computer mouse, and perform worse because of the high friction, lack of stability, and the injuries that arise.

With the Flashe Gaming Glove you never have to worry about this problem again. The underside is completely covered with teflon, the same friction reducing material that you usually find on the underside of your computer mouse. This means that you can finally become one with your mouse and move it faster, easier and with more precision than ever before.

Optimal Angle Towards The Mouse

Today’s typical use of a computer mouse does not provide you with a healthy angle for the wrist. This leads to poor mouse movement and in turn injuries.

While looking for ways to solve this problem, we started researching, and observing studies to see what the optimal angle towards a gaming mouse is. Studies show that part of the reason that leads to injuries related to a computer mouse is the angle towards the mouse, and that we should strive to keep a straight arm in relation to the computer mouse.

To ensure that people using the Flashe Gaming Glove achieves the correct incline towards the mouse, we decided to embed an incline into the Gaming Glove. The result became an optimal angle towards the mouse, at all times.

Rotation Support For Perfect Precision

Never before has something similar to this been presented. Our rotation support will most likely change the way we think and operate with a computer mouse worldwide, not only in gaming but in general computer usage. 

In gaming, precision is extremely important, and with the present technology; there is no tool to assist precision while playing computer games - until now.

The rotation support ensures that your link between the Flashe Gaming Glove and the computer mouse is not lost; for a smoother movement, and to allow you to become one with your mouse. Besides that, the rotation support provides you with a controlled movement for perfect precision, and once again, reduced friction, while rotating the mouse.

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