Panasonic MZW2004 OLED TV Lineup Comes In Up To 77″ Options With HDMI 2.1 & VRR

Jason R. Wilson
Panasonic MZW2004 OLED TV Lineup Comes In Up To 77" Options With HDMI 2.1 & VRR 1

Panasonic MZW2004 is the company's premier TV this year, offering on-screen thermal management, brighter images, enhanced visuals, improved sound, and excellent gaming immersion.

Panasonic improves on their premium TV with the MZW2004 with advanced picture and thermal management

The Panasonic MZW2004 TV, also known as the MZ2000 in other regions, is offered in three screen sizes — 55, 65, and 77 inches, and is fashioned with the company's proprietary "Master OLED Ultimate module." The screen has a Micro Lens Array that utilizes the lenses to produce more light per pixel. Additionally, the displays offer a new multi-layer thermal managing system to assist with the brighter light levels emitting from the screen. The peak brightness is 150% improved from the previous 2022 models. The MZW2004 supports several HDR formats, such as Dolby Vision IQ, HDR10+ Adaptive, and HLG Photo.

Panasonic MZW2004 OLED TV Lineup Comes In Up To 77" Options With HDMI 2.1 & VRR 2
Image source: Panasonic via FWD.

Included in this year's 2023 TV models is an "enhanced Filmmaker Mode." This new feature will allow viewers to see and enjoy the content they are interacting with, whether it be games or streaming movies and TV, as they were intended by the people that produced the content. The Panasonic MZW2004 implements this new mode by reproducing accurate images in all lighting conditions to ensure the best picture possible. An example of this would be brightening darker tones in lighter environments when the ambient picture's images are warmer in color.

The new Panasonic MZW2004 TV supports HDMI 2.1, 4K resolutions, 120Hz refresh rates, low latency, and lower input lag times. The displays have a variable refresh rate along with AMD's Freesync Premium certification and are compatible with NVIDIA G-Sync. Panasonic includes a "True Game Mode" and "Enhanced HDR tone mapping" so that all games are as stunning and realistic to increase the immersive experience for the viewer.

Image source: Panasonic via FWD.
Image source: Panasonic via FWD.
Image source: Panasonic via FWD.

Various sound modes were included for gaming on the Panasonic TV depending on the genre of game you are interacting with, such as RPG and FPS modes, to help pinpoint the action effectively and efficiently. The speaker system includes speakers on the top of the television to bounce sounds off the ceiling of the environment, and Dolby Atmos is also supported. Panasonic has improved the bass quality of the sound, and the array of speakers that are located across the width of the TV in a side-by-side fashion, along with a front speaker grill, improve the sound from the company's predecessors.

Lastly, the Panasonic MZW2004 displays include three focus sound modes to allow users to adjust to a specified point or a section of the viewing audience or boost the volume at a single point. In contrast, others are still capable of hearing the sound simultaneously. Currently, the company is looking at availability in Belgium and the Netherlands but has not mentioned a worldwide release. Pricing and dates of release have also not been divulged by the company.

News Source: FWD

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